Friday, May 13, 2011

Dyeing for a change: color lesson #1


So I finally did it. Since (I thought*) I had time to spare, I headed to the salon and had my hair bleached and dyed. I'll confess to you that the moment the black started to turn to brown then blonde, I instantly missed how I looked. Above is "before".


Here is how I look now. (Gasp!) Though I expected something darker and closer to ash (hair color is "medium ash blonde"), I think the primary reason this pic is not as nice as the first is that now my clothes do not go with my "coloring"**. I have been so used to black hair, that I can predict even before I put something on that it will look good on me.

So instead of crying over spilled melanin***, I'll take this change as a challenge to rethink the way I dress.

Henley, Zara; spring blazer and Converse sneakers: both thrifted; jeans, Maison Martin Margiela; skinny belt, A.P.C

* I finished near 11pm, after what must have been more than three hours.
** Fine, I can accept that black may look better on me.
*** Oh hell, there's always a first time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Miguel! you still look yummy! i've been asking you out and somehow u manage to ignore anyhow looks like you have your hair did at Bench Fix? thats where i go to whenver i am in manila. Keep looking yumy... -P

SMIZEDIVAT by Chaby said...

gorgeous blond hair!!!!
i like