Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gray uniform with a stainless steel razor brooch


Took these pictures after watching the last full show of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. Call this my interpretation of the Thom Browne look.


This is my first prototype for a Bosquejo brooch, all pinned to a cropped gray suit jacket. Made of stainless steel razors and nuts. No, you can't use them for shaving.


It's as big as the gigantic flowers sometimes worn by women as brooches. I was actually wearing just a white v-neck that afternoon but decided to change into something both sheer and striped (also reversible).


Plan on making a smaller, less monstrous version. Can you imagine a ring with razors?

Tee, cK Calvin Klein; trousers, Muji; jacket and Clarks laceups: both thrifted; electric typewriter case repurposed into a brief

1 comment:

Paul said...

A ring with razors would be great! Connector ring maybe? :)