Monday, May 16, 2011

My last cameo as a brunette


Philippine Fashion Week just concluded with one of its best shows in many seasons: a highly dramatic post-humous exhibition from the house of Louie Mamengo. But before I tell about more work by local designers, and show you more cameos of myself as a blonde, here is a last look at what I looked like just a few days ago.


Here is the back of the kimono I wore last Tuesday. It was part of a stash of kimonos and obis that I repurposed to wrap boxes for my Bosquejo necklaces. There are also black pieces that I have likewise kept for personal use.


What I did was tie the lower corners around my waist and then roll excess fabric thus: not very different from how one wears Thai farmer's pants. The sleeves I wrapped and rolled around my arms. Nifty, eh? Here is the kimono worn at original length.


The best things about this kimono are its pattern and semi-sheer fabric: just right for the weather. Do I really look that different with black hair? Sometimes I still get shocked when I look at the mirror: is that really me? A version of? Is that the same thing this innocent bystander is wondering about?


My "rope tie" also came from a kimono. I think I also like this top-heavy silhouette.


This last photo is for a friend who insists that my profile is a better angle. He likewise mourns my new hair color, which you will see more of, and get used to by and by.

Kimono, kimono belt used as tie, Kickers sandals, and nylon tote: all thrifted; jeans, Two Percent; belt (not seen), A.P.C.; tee, United Colors of Benetton

Photos by Vince Flores


John A said...

That kimono is amazing! The colors and patterns are really nice. Another good find.

And kudos to you for getting your hair bleached. For years, I've been wanting to have mine done but it's really hard to take that step. It's probably because I felt being blonde as an Asian demands attention and I'm not ready for that just yet. Anyway, I honestly think it suits you. Not many can get away with having blonde hair.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

I'm still not used to it! Actually, I try to dress up in a way to hide the fact, haha.

Kookie B. said...

Miguel, I want your kimono!!! Waaah!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Kookie! Welcome to my blog. Have you been to the Japanese surplus store near Makati Cinema Square? They are always stocked with very nice kimonos. Each at P50!

Dunia Fashyon said...

I like the kimono so very much! Gets me to think that maybe I should hunt for a secondhand kimono but I don't think there's a shop selling one in Kuala Lumpur...

Anonymous said...

Hi Miguel. It't the first time i'm reading your blog. Do you mind sharing the specific location of this Japanese surplus store, if it still exists at all? Thanks!

You have a really nice blog, btw.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Hi Anon. The store is located near Makati Cinema Square, down J. Victor Street, which is perpendicular to Pasong Tamo, and has a Goldilocks shop at the corner (across the street is a Shell station). Just go straight from Goldilocks till you find balikbayan boxes outside a small shop. Beside it is a laundromat.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha. Near the corner of Herrera, yeah? I'm amazed at how generous you are with this information, considering. Others would have been madamot. Hahaha! So , thanks muchly.

Blogsite bookmarked. Yay!