Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: Anthony Nocom

PFW Anthony Nocom Holiday 2011

A friend beside me at the front row of the menswear shows noted that, really, linen suits are not for holiday (the shows this week are for "Holiday 2011"). Like him, many expect color and layers for the cooler weather here in the tropics. But with the seasons going haywire (rain both in the rainy and summer seasons, intense heat ditto), who cares? Here, linen suits are suitable for the hot summer nights any month in the year.

Though of course, one may say that line suits are so Spring 2011.

More reviews to follow.


Voxzen said...

Loved this collection!! also Bang Pineda's!! actually.. ALL OF THEM!! LOL!! oh, and by the way, when I saw you pass by me in SMX I though an angel passed right by me. LOL. seriously. I was starstruck. LOL

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Just posted a review on Bang Pineda, which I also liked. You should have called out to me =)