Thursday, May 12, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: Bang Pineda

PFW Bang Pineda 01

Yes, that is a "sleeveless" kimono you see from afar, which reminds me of some pieces from Dior Homme's Spring 2010 show. The holed-out shirt (and jackets below) also seem quite familiar. But hey, we need all the built-in air-conditioning we can get.

PFW Bang Pineda 02

Though I'm not so sure about the extra sheer trouser layer.

PFW Bang Pineda 03

What I appreciate most about this collection are the blue-and-white prints that come close to Delftware, but upon closer inspection, look quite different. Though they also remind me of Dries Van Noten's denim splotches for Fall 2010, they are ambiguous enough to appear original.

PFW Bang Pineda 04

If I'm not mistaken, I saw the Arc de Triomphe somewhere in the jeans and shorts. Is that why the soundtrack was in French?

PFW Bang Pineda 05

In any case, I really do think that Bang Pineda should have built on this single concept and expanded it to flesh out the collection, instead of putting together seemingly disjoint ideas.

A bad habit?

PFW Bang Pineda 06

Which is not to say that many, if not most, of the separate items are covetable in themselves, shoes included (the printed creepers!). Then, it will be up to buyers to find their own consistency. Personally, I think the prints would go perfectly with anything in solid electric blue, the color du jour for menswear this Spring.

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