Saturday, May 14, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: Drei Soriano

Drei Soriano 01

I must admit, Drei Soriano's show was a surprise and a delight during this week's menswear night.

Drei Soriano 02

Why? For the simple reason that his collection was cohesive: he had an idea that he sketched out into a narrative of clothes, in such a way that you can't help sense a story behind the show.

The shoulder rip (detachable sleeves?) on this jacket, for example, is nothing new. So are the stripes and the diagonal zippers. Same goes for the legging-like trousers and boots. But together, together, they present the image of a biker left wandering the city, with a specific purpose.

Drei Soriano 03

Of course, looking closely, one can say a lot of things about the craftsmanship. But the thing is, once a designer has shown that he can execute a concept, I think experience, a little bit of success, and shrewd sourcing can supply what's missing.

Drei Soriano 04

Reminds me of the uber-masculine collections of Calvin Klein.

Drei Soriano 05

I like the combination of sheer fabrics and leather. One can almost miss the colored cuff of the trousers. Details! Drei Soriano knows that details are the essence of menswear.

Drei Soriano 06

The CK vibe here is more direct, down to the color. What's new? The zippers that appear to continue from the shirts to the crotch. Aha! (The footwear too is nice.)

Drei Soriano 07

And then I spy a zipper at a shirt cuff!

Drei Soriano 08

A little bit of Ann Demeulemeester.

Drei Soriano 09

Scarf tassels, logo buckle belts. The concept of Iron Man fingerless gloves is interesting, though maybe with just a little more fit.

Drei Soriano 10

Collars and creases. Kudos too to this show's stylist! Drei tells me he designed the shoes and accessories (except the belts), as well. Besides also doing the styling! Kudos to him!

Drei Soriano 11

See how important silhouette is?

Drei Soriano 12

More (beard) tassels.

Drei Soriano 13

A concept in ten pieces: sometimes that is all it takes. Absolutely no need for 30 overstretched outfits.

Additional photos by Paul Cortes and Bruce Casanova


Anonymous said...

hey Miguel! Do you have Drei's number? I would love to contact him and order some of his pieces...-P

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Here are the contact details in the Fashion Week directory: 4393422 (tel), 4216330 (fax), email: