Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red python skinny tie

python tie 01

Just a wild idea, since skinny ties have long been out as the next hot men's accessory.

python tie 02

Why not do it in snakeskin, in hissing red no less?

python tie 03

To be used to smothering effect.

python tie 04

Images from The Fashionisto:
Nathan Jolliffe by Thom Kerr for The Fashionisto
Garrett Neff by Stefano Moro for >bmm March 2011


ONAI said...

ilbosquejo <3

Anonymous said...

i missed going here! You still have onyx beads for necklaces? -paeng

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

hey paeng! yup, I still have lots of carved onyx beads, but sadly, no more stainless steel feathers