Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's in My Bag IV: Cambridge Satchel/Muji and me


Before anything, would just like to say that my umbrella was supposed to be black as well, but in a fit of violent rage, I broke it (don't ask). So now I have one in blue plaid, from 7/11. Surrounding my new 15-inch Cambridge Satchel are little pouches that I've managed to accumulate with my gadgets. They contain wires, chargers, and adapters for my camera, laptop, iPhone, and iPad (I gave my iPod to my sister); flash disks and external drives; and something to plug my headphones to amplifiers.

At the lower right corner is my pencil case, with lead for mechanical pencils and post-its in the mesh compartment. The one at the upper right is for my Swiss Army knife and keys, since the satchel has no zippered sections. All the cases are from Muji, except the one at center right, which is from Beabi and is now falling apart.

I have too many things, I know. I think the Cambridge Satchel can only carry my peripherals. It will force me to bring only those that I will actually use within the day.


Quiapo Ilalim said...

it's a beautiful bag!

Catch said...

the perfect work bag! where did you get this very fine csc satchel? schu bar?

Catch said...

i just realized that we sort of have the same things in the bag, well, most of them. would you mind if i post a "what's in your bag?" entry in my blog too? i just think it fun to do.

incase you are wondering where i came from, i was with aisa ipac (bloggers united organizer) last night when you messaged her. i was the one who checked out your blog for her.

btw, i'm now a follower of your blog. your way of writing is genius!!!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Catch: Got it from Madison. Sure! Bloggers have been doing this bag thing for a while now, but it still maintins its freshness since it's personal.

Oh, cool! Isn't that a coincidence! Thanks for following and hope to see you at the next Bloggers United event.

Anonymous said...

Hello El Bosquejo! Re satchels, check this out

Dr. Martens satchel!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Anonymous: looks much much better! Thanks for the tip. Do you know where these are sold?