Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday starts my week


So it is Saturday again. To some, it is a chance to stretch out across the seemingly unlimited number of hours to relax, to recharge, to reboot.To plunge into the possibilities of leisure the weekend presents. But for me, the real work just begins.


And I'm not talking about my freelance duties. Rather, the opposite.

If this kimono seems familiar, that's because I wore it before against white, where the pattern was more decipherable. In this version, it becomes all about the texture.


Saturday is for reading and writing, stretching out the silence of two days to drown out an entire week.


It gets so involving that by the end of Sunday, I feel I've worked for another five days. But more rewarding. How about you, how do you spend your weekend?

Short-sleeved shirt, G200; kimono and Dior Homme jeans: both thrifted; belt, Izzue; sneakers, Helmut Lang

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Anonymous said...

Dark pictures yet again. :(