Thursday, June 30, 2011



Apologies for the long delay in posts, and again, for just posting pics of bed-cast clothes. This is what I wore to last night's event, a collaboration between Miadore jewelry by Yekky Balingit, photographer Seven Barretto, and the design alliance Fadal Manila. Plus a book that I picked up at the bookstore before going to the venue.


Unveiled were 14 canvases that bore photos of Miadore necklaces worn with the creations of the Fadal designers. (More on the event on my Benetton blog.)


Now that I think of it, I wore the same lacey-y shirt and skinny jeans with another Bosquejo necklace on the first day of Philippine Fashion Week last May. (Time does fly!)

The Bosquejo necklace I wore was new, not even available on my website. Part of the reason I've been so busy. But hopefully, I can take a much needed break real soon... But back to the clothes: don't you think the silver-edged buttons match my Hardware necklace so well?


What I also love are the paisley print blazers by Levenson Rodriguez, which go well with Yekky's shimmery brooches. I wonder when I can have a jacket made... (*hint, hint*)


But now for the title of my post, taken from the book I just bought: Somersault by Kenzaburo Oe. Because this is precisely what I need these days: a total change, a flipping of priorities, the lifting of feet from familiar ground.


Yes, changes are abound, which I shall be telling you about soon enough. For now, it is time to sleep, and of course, to dream!


Blazer, Fred Perry; Kenneth Cole shirt and Dior Homme jeans: both thrifted; belt, Nautica; necklace, Bosquejo; briefcase, Bally

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