Monday, June 6, 2011

Superhero Sunday


Finally, I was able to get my hands on this cutout faux leather jacket by Drei Soriano, which I blogged about here: Philippine Fashion Week: Drei Soriano.

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The biker jacket came right off the runway. A little big, but I think the fit is still great.


A friend pointed out that the piece reminded him of the X-Men, but I declined to wear it when I watched the latest film. (I actually wore denim on denim, in shorts, but more about that soon.)

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I am wearing the jacket with the Thelxinoe necklace from the Hardware collection of my Bosquejo accessories.


Incidentally, the stylist who shot the editorial for Drei's Holiday 2011 lookbook, also borrowed the same necklaces to match the piece. I actually love how leather matches my Hardware accessories, matching edge with edge.


Here is the back, which I think is good enough for Banshee. Notice the zippered sleeves.


Though I think both the jacket and the necklace can be toned down by softer pieces, they look made for each other. As if there were only one way to go.

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Faux leather biker jacket, Drei Soriano; tee, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Two Percent; belt, Izzue; leather sneakers, Helmut Lang

Outfit photos by Kevin Bautista


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind but you could use much better photography. It's so hard to appreciate your clothes with all those shadows getting in the way. And the glare of the sun...

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

You're right of course. Will work on it. Thanks for the reminder!

blurredlights said...

The jacket's awesome!

Anonymous said...

and you look hot on it! My crush and I think the same way, i talked to Drei last nite about possible meeting him as i have so much interest on Drei's new collection being an out of towner, we (I and Drei) decided to meet up in a couple of weeks. Man, you got to touch that lovely jacket first, you look super delish!