Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Artisan presents Collection IV: additional notes


Since I've already written about The Artisan's Collection IV on my Benetton blog, I've decided to put up additional notes. Starting with: there is something very Japanese about the use of sea creatures, especially when they seem to be part of a metamorphosis.


Though it would have been more interesting if the clothes bore more elements from the concept. How about developing the circles of tentacles into an animal print?


Crabs are all about digits. What makes spiders creepy. I wonder how ordinary shirts, and even denim jeans, can be segmented in a similarly threatening way.


Imagine the tentacle suckers as crazy polka dots instead of this zebra print.


Or rows and rows of overlapping teeth instead of stripes!


The snappy trio behind The Artisan: Christian San Jose, EJ Reyes, and Enrico Suarez.


Ok, I give up when it comes to eels. I just eat them.


This is perfect; would not touch it.


Which creature do you relate to the most?

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