Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The green room


After a very busy day, I dropped some (well, a lot) of my Bosquejo necklaces at Moonleaf Tea Shop yesterday so that a stylist can claim them there for a coming university shoot. How has this come about, that jewelry is left at a tea shop? Let's just say that Moonleaf has grown a thick foliage of loyal customers who also happen to be, one way or another, involved in fashion.

At Moonleaf, green is for brainstorming, germinating new ideas for projects, and of course, wintermelons. Can't wait to work on the series of collaborations set for July!

Polka dot pullover from Mundo (also bought the navy version); jeans, Bench; belt, Brave Beltworks; sneakers, Generic Surplus; jacket, thrifted

Photo by Mike Magallanes


fabgelous said...

oooh! yay! thaaanks! <3

Andy said...

I like the model & design of shoes to wear because it looks cool