Sunday, July 3, 2011

My latest fix: Electromagnetic Tentacle tees, part III


What I wore yesterday, plus what I was also reading and what I bought at PowerBooks.


I don't really play Angry Birds on my iPhone or iPad. Maybe since I gave up on my first sitting. Well at least I have this Electromagnetic Tentacle shirt, which shows them in a cockfight (the button of my jacket looks like the scene's moon).


Two bracelets that I wore, one made of faux leather and the other of plastic and stones.

Maybe I should start labelling these posts "What's on my bed", like my "What's in my bag" series. Not "who", mind you.


Books! Brought along my newer copy of Yasunari Kawabata's The Old Capital (I lost my first copy in New York.) Thought I could read while waiting in line at Eiga Sai (Japanese film festival, pass good for two, *hint hint*) but of course realized that Kawabata really does require quiet reading, maybe unlike his compatriot Kenzaburo Oe. The Baudelaire I found with other poetry books I haven't seen in other bookstores, discreetly hidden at one of the back shelves.

Tee, Electromagnetic Tentacle; jeans, Bench; belt, Arnold Palmer, thrifted (first worn here); bag, thrifted; faux leather bracelet from Divisoria; bead bracelet from a friend

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