Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blazer in the rain


This is what I wore last Thursday to the OS x Eric Poliquit / Enzo Mondejar x FaDAL event: Manang, I Love You. It says on the navy blue blazer's label that it's made of 100% cotton, but I doubt it. It feels synthetic and I think can be worn out for light drizzles.


Blazer, Bench
Sleeveless jacket, Ziggy Savella
Short-sleeved shirt, Springfield
Pants, Drei Soriano
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Belt, A.P.C.

I love the white piping on the blazer, which I have worn over a rust-colored sleeveless jacket. Both have belts, which I have decided to wear untied. Can you see the zipper near the pants' hem? It matches the crotch zipper, which doesn't end with a button, just the zipper till the waist.


Do you notice something else about the blazer?


Yes, it has a hood, which is detachable via buttons. I must say I never expected this from Bench. Am quite impressed.


Just imagine how practical this would be. Not only will you be able to dress up your normal, boring long-sleeved shirt for work, you will also be able to keep relatively dry (with umbrella still, of course) when the rain pours.

The trousers are actually part of a set, with this shirt, which I hope I can use as a shirt soon, and not as a jacket (after major gym time). Soon, I'll wear them together.


Say hello to Mike Magallanes, wearing a reworked tartan set. It was an awesome night with friends!

Photos by Edrick Bruel

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