Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't tell anybody, but I think El Bosquejo already turned 3


I think it must have been last July 22. Who knows? It must be my impending age. I'm no longer counting the nth tweet or follower, the number of blog entries.


Is three blog middle age, the point when I must come to terms with all the things I have planned but never pushed through? Of course, the veteran bloggers out there (and lots of relatively younger ones) will be quick to boo. But hey, I'm happy doing things I never expected; this page has been a boon, if anything else, to all the other things I have been up to.


But enough of that. What I really wanted to tell you about was meeting Tina San, a fellow accessories designer (Tinitch), yesterday. Our little shopping trip to Quiapo was lovely. We even bumped into Yekky Balingit, whose quirkly and classic Miadore necklaces go well with high fashion pieces.

This series of Photo Booth shots (made when I was still sick) was supposed to be my first ever cameo video on the blog. You know, to mark this anniversary. But then again, I changed my mind and postponed that for another time.

Sweater, Springfield; floral shirt, Diesel; bone pattern shirt, Energie; bone tie necklace, OS


Tinitch said...

Thanks a lot for tagging me along! :) Enjoyed every minute of it!

delicate man's itaewon style said...

congratulations! ^-^

i have known your blog for only less than a year.

internet time must go faster than real life time. ^-^

jonverdavid said...

Congratulations Miguel! Your blog is one of the well-written ones that I have read. Blog-peg in life ang bosquejo! Char! Pero srsly, you're very good at it. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

You have such nice skin! Do you ever get pimples?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Anonymous: Those are pockmarks right there. Wish I never had acne.

Anonymous said...

You're being modest, I don't see a mark of anything at all. Very smooth face.