Monday, August 29, 2011

Stripes by Bench


Trips to Bench, the biggest local clothing retailer, are like trips to the thrift store: I do not know what to expect. Sometimes I find nothing or just one or two pieces that I like, and other times I am just overwhelmed by their current stock. Two weekends ago was a deluge.


Pullover, Bench
Track pants, M Barreto x Bench
Tee, Electromagnetic Tentacle (the fabric is nice, even if the spoof cartoon cannot be seen)
Leather trainers, Helmut Lang

I tucked the pullover inside the track pants (A terrific collaboration between Bench and menswear favorite M Barretto) so that the garter of the trousers can be seen. I like red-white-blue stripes repeated at the waist and the ankle hem. I also appreciate that the wrist hem of the pullover is extra long, giving the illusion of the base of gloves. (More Bench items in future posts.)


Here I changed from the tee and pullover into a polo shirt, also in stripes in order to keep the repetition. This was the first time I used the black polka-dot-and-lightning backpack I thrifted recently.


Polo shirt; Underground
Backpack, Double Shock


I know it looks as if I came from P.E. class, but I couldn't resist the comfortable track pants. (It feels colder at the office—yes, you heard me right—but I don't care.)


Striped socks, Bossini

Makes it easier to dash to the elevator once my shift is over.

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