Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black and white, and gray


It is no secret that I am a fan of black, which is often seen as safe, but is really the best way to be both subtle and chic. I like white too, and gray, for various reasons, most important of which is their alignment with my moods. So imagine my delight when I found all three in one piece that didn't only fit well, it also had a hood!

Found this terrific 3/4 sleeved hoodie at Human. The piece was part of a limited line designed by Joey Samson. I love the fit and the segmentation of colors (the black part does not run in one straight line). We definitely need more designer collaborations like these. (Previously: Bench x M Barretto)


Hoodie, Human x Joey Samson
Jeans, Two Percent
"Kaiser" necklace, Bosquejo
Nylon tote, thrifted
Woven laceups, Bally, thrifted

I love black in all its shades and tones. Look at how the color varies on this necklace, which is made of onyx, lava, wood, and other stones.


Do you get the same feeling sometimes, when you rush into crowds, that you just want to hide? Hoodies are perfect for that. For that and for the cold.


I wonder what would be the result if you incorporated patent leather into the weave? How about applying that idea for a woven leather tee?


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes...Mind sharing where do u usually buy these stuffs?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Bought these a long time ago. The shop has already closed. But a good place would be the store at the 2/F of the LRT 2 Anonas station.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)...Btw, I am a fan of your blog hahahha. and I saw you in person last week @ Greenbelt.

assistant avant-garde said...

i died when i saw the shoes