Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bosquejo meets Andre Chang


You've got to hand it to Andre Chang. He has a knack for bringing out the best qualities in the things he wears by the way he puts them together. As if he distills the concepts behind every design and lays them bare. For one, I have never thought of mixing pieces from Bosquejo's Hardware collection with those from Djinn.

Andre wears Magaera, from Hardware
Eumenides from Hardware
Carine from Djinn
Gabrielle No 1 from Djinn


He does this in a way that is not only inexhaustibly creative but also in a manner that is very admirable: he makes it a point to present his take on the creations of local designers.


Andre wears (from top): Carine
Gabrielle No 1
Kaiser (all from Djinn)


That is why I have learned never to anticipate anything that he does, since he is sure to be doing something else.

Andre wears two Zuzeca necklaces from Hardware


See what I mean?


The Djinn collection is composed of necklaces made with onyx, hematite, lava, smoky quartz, black agate, wood, etc., complemented by chains, grommets, and whatever else is used in the Hardware collection.

The Hardware collection utilizes materials mostly made of stainless steel, coated nickel, and plastic, originally intended for other purposes.

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AMINTA said...

Im a huge fan of Andre too!!! He is a source of inspiration....
Thanks for sharing.