Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bosquejo presents: simple razor necklaces from the Furies series


After insistent demand, I have finally created lighter stainless steel razor necklaces.

Everything except for the ball beads and the grommets are made of stainless steel: the blades, nuts, and ball chain.


This first piece, which has three blades, is called Dirae, Roman for Eumenides / Erinyes — "The Furies" in Greek mythology.

I think I have already used all of their name equivalents for accessories (besides those above: Magaera, Tisiphone, Alecto).


This last one, simple called Fury, has only one blade. You only need one really, to fulfill the deed.


"Dirae" and "Fury" will soon be available at Anthology, 2/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. Prices indicated on the website are stockist rates. Contact me for discounts.

Bosquejo presents the Furies: stainless steel razor necklaces
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