Monday, September 26, 2011

Desert fire


Strange coincidence that I wore this t-shirt on Saturday and watched a semi-documentary on Georgia O'Keeffe only a few days ago. Just thought about the coincidence now. It was in the desert (at least in the film) that O'Keeffe picked up a skull similar to the one printed on this shirt. It is found several times in her paintings, alongside flowers. Here is one.


Faux leather jacket, Drei Soriano
Tee, Folded & Hung
Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans
Belt with hammered metal buckle, Structure, thrifted
Nylon sneakers, Tretorn x Acne
Suede and denim tote, Tough Jeansmith, thrifted
"Utada" necklace, Bosquejo
Metal cuff, Hablo

But instead of flowers, there are flames, wings, suns, and geometric shapes on the tee. Wore this ensemble for a themed party (Street Fighter crossed with something, I forget). Not so sure if my outfit really adhered to the peg. In any case, the party was an absolute blast. Fun with friends until the sun came out.


The back design repeats the front. The bare beauty of bones is ancient and animalistic. Look at O'Keeffe's painting again. I would wear a necklace with this as a pendant, with the horns stretching from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. What do you think, OS?


Suede and blue denim is one the best combinations for bags, I think. Better than with canvas. Now you can see the skull near the armpit of the tee. Warrants a leather jacket, don't you think?


The "Utada" necklace from Bosquejo's Hardware collection, made of stainless steel nuts, bobbins, hematite (colored black), and various beads. Can you see the robot at the end of the necklace? How about the Powerpuff girls?


Also, the thing about skulls that makes them so mysterious is their empty sockets. They're hollow but heavy, even disturbing. Like staring into an abyss. That's why it's not hard to imagine fire coming out of them.


Here is the Hablo cuff again. Perfectly paired, I think. with a Hardware necklace. Someday I will also weld metal together, hopefully even create new alloys to produce more interesting jewelry. Fire to melt metal and fire to refine new ideas.


And finally, my shoes. Colored blue, the usual representation of water. Since we need to cool down molten steel so it can harden into something durable and of value. Same thing for concepts.

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