Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY denim vest and bracelet/air cuff


I think I've only worn this thrifted denim jacket twice: first with Trussardi diffusion pieces and then with khaki monochrome (NAGL). I find the arms just too loose and myselft too lazy to head to the tailor. So last night, I took a pair of sharp scissors and committed the deed.


I cut off the left sleeve first, then briefly thought that maybe I could wear the jacket thus. The idea was fleeting, thankfully.


So here is how it looks, sleeveless. If I couldn't wear a tank, then why not a denim vest? Besides, the pleats are now more obvious because of the loss of


I thought I was finished, but then realized that it a waste to just discard the lonely appendages.


So I cut off the cuffs and made myself a denim bracelet or "air cuff", if you wear them over shirts. I think I will use the other two buttons to allow just this own piece to be more adjustable: tighter for use as a bracelet and more loose as an air cuff. Let's see.

Wore out my denim vest today. Matched it with this Metal Urchin Bosquejo necklace. Can't wait to show you the entire outfit!

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