Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Folded and Hung graphic tees: Native America gone pop


No, I wasn't really at the beach (how I wish), but just found this wall at a children's school. Was supposed to wear shorts last Saturday when I went to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair, but then it immediately rained after these pics were taken. So I changed into jeans.


Tee, Folded and Hung
Chambray shorts, Topman
Braided belt, Nautica
Cardigan, Muji
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Nylon tote, thrifted
Cap, thrifted
"Tisiphone" necklace, Bosquejo

Really though, with weather this unpredictable in Manila, someone should invent trousers that have clasps or buttons so they can instantly be transformed them into shorts, and vice versa.


I see birds, a tepee, eyes, arrows, feathers, a crazy Indian (Native American), and a rainbow of colors. This is just one of four graphic tees I so excitedly purchased from Folded and Hung two (three?) weeks ago.


The crab wants to take away my bag.


Funny, the eyes of the seagulls. I like the sun and the rain equally, but prefer the sea to muddy floods.


Anonymous said...

Loved your tee miguel. I'm just curious, who's taking most of your pictures?

anasimpson said...

graphic tees has always been one of my favorites, i do have plenty of them in my wardrobe. Still searching some good and new designs.
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