Friday, September 2, 2011

Gray with salmon pink


This was taken during the recently concluded great four-day weekend. I still feel nostalgic.


Since it was a dreary rainy day, I decided to wear out the XL salmon pink sweater I got on sale at Linea Italia.


Sweater, Piazza Italia
Polo shirt and jeans, Bench
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Sneakers, Generic Surplus
Messenger bag, from an artisan in Beijing
Necklace, "Zuzeca" from Bosquejo


And guess what I found in the middle of a parking lot? A great puddle rippling with the breeze, deceptively deep. (No fish!)


This is only the fourth article of clothing I have in pink (others are: two shirts and one polo shirt). I think it looks great as a big burst of color set against neutrals, and it goes well with my personal coloring (like red does, because of the color of my skin and lips).


Pink is a happy color, soothing to the eye. It relaxes, like humor. Like a blog I recently came across, Nice try, bro, which has picked on my last cameo (with that sheer tank top).


I loved it just after two posts. I read through his entire archive last night. Love his wit, his point of view set against a sea of sycophants on the internet. Achingly funny, and just what we need to guide our sartorial choices. I suggest you follow him.


I think pink exists to remind us that we shouldn't take things too seriously. And honestly, maybe he's right. Maybe tank tops really aren't for me. Though I will have to think about tucking in tees (or sweaters in this case), since I've been doing it all these years.


Ca said...

Aah, the salmon pink with grey is perfect. Colour therapy is just what you need on a rainy day.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Very true! Nice to hear from you again Ca.