Saturday, September 3, 2011

White weekend


So I guess I should be saying Good morning, Manila since it will be light soon. But as the week ends, the week is really just beginning.

Am writing this as the effect of caffeine (must have been 4 or 5 cups) begins to subside. Decided to watch a movie and have coffee with a friend last "night" (since it is still dark) instead of attending another hyped-up and hashtagged event.


Henley, Zara
Shorts, Topman
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Leather bag, Young Camel, thrifted

Sometimes I just get tired of it. The noise and the small talk, self-congratulatory jubilation that's just incestuous. So I just keep quiet and talk about other more important things.


Like what's for breakfast, what's in store for today, and Zombadings.

1 comment:

Secret Admirer said...

This is sweet.

Would you ever go on a date with one of your readers? Not that I'm suggesting anything--merely throwing it out there. LOL.

P.S. Thumbs up for Zombadings! :P