Monday, October 10, 2011

The hang of it


Well hello there, we haven't met in a while. It's been nice and quiet, and I've loved it.


Tee, Folded & Hung
Vest, Ziggy Savella
Trousers, Y-3
Sandals, Marlboro Classics
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Necklace, DIY
Bag, thrifted

This is the last of the four cartoon shirts I bought from Folded & Hung. (See all four here.)


I have all the things I need, me thinks. Time for a contemplative trip.


Will say hi every now and then, to show you some stuff, or where I've been.


Or who I've been with.


It is raining again. Instead of cuddling up in bed with a magazine, I leaf through yellowed pages that glow in my hands.


halfwhiteboy said...

the t-shirt's nice, but it's the vest i like most.

Pierre said...

Nice t-shirt and beautiful vest !

I love the sandals too, masculine, rough, used and comfortable !

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks guys!