Monday, October 3, 2011

The Joker is on to you


I don't think I am feeling well. Still recovering from what seemed like an endless weekend of work and coffee and rain and inventories. Maybe that was why I was uncharacteristically quiet on the web.


Jacket, 5cm
T-shirt, Folded & Hung
Jeans, Jil Sander
Belt, A.P.C.
Trainers, Helmut Lang
Brief, Bally
"Veronique" necklace, Bosquejo (made of agate, onyx, and bike chains)

The character on this tee reminds me of the post I did on the last (and best, thus far) Batman movie shown years ago: Batman, The Dark Knight. (Not sure who had better teeth.)


I know it's been a while since I've talked about any real ideas, but hey, inspiration manifests itself in different places.


This is "Buttons", the crazy bunny. Could he be an inebriated White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who has lost track of time and deadlines? (Or maybe it's just me, dizzy from lack of sleep.)


What I do not like about the local creative industries (fashion and design) and the arts is the lack of any solid criticism, which should be the backbone of both types of pursuits (even if the former is more commercial than the latter). Commentary and discourse mostly feel like an ignorant mob (sheep?) of monosyllabic, cliquish sycophants.


The mind doesn't do much legwork (read: is lazy).

Any form of dissenting opinion is frowned upon as useless negativity and people are rarely willing to take up the role of devil's advocate. Disappointing and frustrating for those who even care to care.


Still, the sun is up and the birds are singing. It is a new week.

Not everyone who laughs endlessly is crazy; some are dead serious.

Happy Monday!

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Namiss kita...i mean ur blog..:)