Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping the ball rolling


Hurray for Saturday! So we're well into this four-day weekend, but if you've been religiously attending the shows at Philippine Fashion Week, your holiday only beings on Monday. As for me, I have work tomorrow, a Sunday, right before I run to the show of Drei Soriano. Sad that I couldn't attend Mike Lavarez's show, but good luck to them both! Of course, I am very excited to finally see my Bosquejo accessories on the runway.

I haven't been able to attend because of my day job schedule and, besides creating new pieces for other collections (Sacre, Feline, and Azul for Rajo Laurel's Russia-inspired Holiday collection; more Sacre for ac+632; and the second Hardware collection), I have decided to devote more time for myself. Just last night I was able to get past some chapters of fiction and a magazine article, before I was finally able to add a few lines to the current poem I am working on. For other people, leading a balanced life means devoting time to leisure; for me it means being able to work on a variety of pursuits.


Sweater, thrifted
Shirt, Zara, thrifted
Trousers, Gas
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
"Dirae" necklace, Bosquejo

Strange, now that I look at it, how one of my outfits last week actually looked sporty. First I thought it was the matching white shirt and sneakers, and then I decided that it was the proportion and fit of the sweater and trousers. Yes, more than the fact that I was wearing sneakers. There may also be something to the way I folded my shirt sleeves over the hem of my sweater.


Is it the crest? In any case, I wonder if I want to go to any of the Halloween parties tonight. Last time I went was years ago, and it was a goth party. This is how I looked, with a lace dress worn as a scarf.

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