Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Light as a feather II


This must have been what I wore last Saturday, or was it just this Monday? Was it to Quiapo or Divisoria or Greenbelt, or all three? I can't recall anymore. I think it was the day I had dinner with Drei Soriano before talking about his new collection and the Bosquejo accessories that will be worn with his clothes. Then Maco Custodio brought his leather bow ties (for the Bench show) for me to attach chains to them. In any case, I have already finished 9 out of 10 necklaces for Drei and Maco still owes me a bow tie.


Sheer mesh tee, Oxygen
Jeans, Bench
Sandals, Birkenstock
Tote, thrifted
Scarf, thrifted
"Steel Bard" necklace, Bosquejo

I should really just be watching shows at Philippine Fashion Week, but my new work schedule (till 7pm) doesn't really allow me to see much. So I'm waiting for the weekend (I have work even on Sunday!) while restocking pieces at stores and creating new steel, brass, and semi-precious stone lines.

Bosquejo will be featured in the shows of Mike Lavarez (October 30, 230pm) and Drei Soriano (October 30, 730pm) at Philippine Fashion Week, and at the show of Don Protasio at Cambodia Fashion Week. Hope you can watch!


Finally, I am happy that this Steel Bard necklace (first seen here) is available again, after the stainless steel feathers went out of stock and I had to order them directly. I love the simplicity of the components mixed with the carved onyx rosette. (Sad to say that customs tax cost me more than the actual shipping so I had to tweak the price a bit...)

Swimming in work again, hence the long hair and beanie, hence the old band-aid... But unexpectedly, things don't feel heavy at all. All is in place. Credit that to my reading again (literature and not just magazines, and yes, time for that can be managed!), which somehow keeps things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

This is the one that I wanted! Feather with the onyx! :o

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Yup! Glad that you like it. You can email me at miguelpaolocelestial at for orders :)