Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bosquejo in Status magazine's November issue


Bosquejo is featured in Status magazine's November 2011 issue.


This is a better view of the image, with model Terence Lloyd wearing the Alecto and Jörmungandr necklaces from the Hardware collection. Here are more pics from the Hardware 001 lookbook.

I have noticed that the strongest Hardware pieces come in sets, or series. Here they are in order: the Moons series named after the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, the Furies series composed primarily of nuts and blades, the Dragons series that was named because they looked like snakes (in chain links), and the latest Demons series (still in production) that reminds me of the movie Hellraiser.


This is the cover to watch out for.


Ryuji Shiomitsu, one of the country's most talented young stylists, is also featured in the issue. He styled the Hardware 001 lookbook above, collaborating with photographer Rxandy Capinpin and hair and make-up artist Katchi Mejias.

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