Thursday, November 17, 2011

UNHATE smooching campaign: hate is real, and so is humor


The Unhate Foundation, supported by United Colors of Benetton, was "created to oppose and undermine hate culture". It will "engage in the development of campaigns aimed at exorcising the 'fear of the other'".


I don't understand the violent reactions against the images. It's not as if these world leaders (can you recognize all of them?) were venerated saints. While many people use the term "hater" to loosely refer to anyone in any form of opposition against them, real hate exists between the people that these world leaders represent, though of course in varying degrees of intensity.


Do these images trivialize the deeply-rooted tensions between states and religions? I honestly think that they lay these differences naked: laughable and ultimately shallow. Children playing war games.


Visit the Unhate website to discover more about the campaign, the foundation, related guerilla actions, and the so-called Kiss Wall.



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