Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Checks, spots, and pebbles


This is the silk pullover I was tweeting about before, which I got on my last thrift shop excursion. Was at first doubting the label, but the quality of the material, its softness and sheen, made me reconsider.


Pullover, thrifted
Shirt, Bench
Jeans, Dior Homme, thrifted
Pebbled brogues, 5M, thrifted
Belt, Structure, thrifted
Backpack, thrifted
Briefcase repurposed from an electronic typewriter case
"Steel Flake" necklace, Bosquejo

There is a saying that things come in threes, which is a coincidence, not only because of my outfit's tri-pattern, but also since my blog is at its third year as I turn three decades old.


Just as I have used the case of an electronic typewriter as a briefcase, I have repurposed this chrome object into a pendant. Can you guess its original purpose?


Finally I got these brogues back from Besa's, who replaced the pair's inner leather lining. I love the pebbled material.


Bags made of PVC. Now I have to find time to start my Top 30 entries...


naboonies said...

I really love all the items that you've acquired in this post, especially the silk sweater, bags and also shoes. Those pebbled brogues are beautiful - they remind me of my CdG pebbled version which disappointingly are so exorbitantly priced (after comparing the price online).

There IS such service of changing the inner lining of the shoes? I was not aware of this, because I did try to ask my local cobbler but he does not do it...

And lastly, those PVC bags are both beautiful and I like the polka dot/ lightning pattern with the tan contrast! Different bags for different occasions I suppose...

halfwhiteboy said...

i hate you. that's a really cool sweater. love the pattern.

peace, man!

ONAI said...

nice grey pants cute!!!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks guys!