Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On a mountain trail


This is my sisters and I did before Christmas (well, besides shopping). After a short 45-minute guided tour of Eden Nature Park in Davao, we decided to take the 4-kilometer hiking trail.

Tee, A.P.C.; jeans, Bench; tote, Tough Jeansmith, thrifted; Featherlight necklace, Bosquejo; boots, Timberland, thrifted


I wasn't tired yet when we reached the 1km mark, which had a sign that offered an escape route. But I was exhausted halfway through.


Despite all the mud and slippery steps, the view was gorgeous. (Took all these pictures with my iPhone 4S.)


It's been a while since I heard bamboo bend with the wind, its leaves whistling.


Here is one of many bridges. The others were less wieldy.


I frequently stopped to look at the flora.



But towards the end I just wanted to go home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi cutie Miguel! You're in Davao? I am here in Davao, would love to take you and your sister for a dinner. I've been asking you out for a dinner date but i understand you're scared i could possibly a stalker pyschopath etc heeheh so you can bring along your sister with ya! heheeh how's one of the Marco Polo restos? my treat?