Monday, December 12, 2011

Red and afternoon gold


Taking the day off, I told myself I would only be doing the things that I loved on my birthday. Absolutely no work! So right after I woke up and downed a cup of coffee, I began to write. The words came as the sun finally emerged from clumps of gray. And when it hid again, I read.


Right before I hit the gym, I couldn't avoid finishing another Bosquejo necklace, my fingers moving as automatically as if I were a pianist. I suppose I missed designing for the sheer joy of it. Then it was afternoon at the bookstore, where I browsed, and read again at the café upstairs. I thought of delivering new pieces at two stores, but changed my mind. On days like this, when time flows as clearly as water, one has to step back. I dipped my feet and washed my hands.


Sheer polka dot shirt, thrifted
Shorts, Perry Ellis
Sneakers, thrifted
Leather backpack, thrifted
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Viscose scarf, from Mindanao


Perhaps what I missed most during my days at the office was swimming in the late afternoon sun in all its finality and magnificence. An apt way to welcome another golden year!