Friday, December 16, 2011

A towering year


Am squeezing this in right before I produce a fresh batch of Bosquejo necklaces for tomorrow's Status Yard Sale. As I prepare for the last bazaar I will be participating in in 2011, I realize today was also my last day at the office. The days have rolled so quickly that I have barely had the time to realize that finally, my long-awaited vacation has arrived.


Monochrome print shirt, thrifted
Suede vest, thrifted
Jeans, Bench
Patent brogue flatforms, thrifted
Briefcase, Bally

Workaholic that I am, I have already scheduled meetings and work-related things to do early next week. It is as if I have already left 2011, and my head and my heart have raced straight to 2012.

But then again, though I work in the fashion industry, which insists on always looking ahead, I am also a writer, who needs to look back and explain to myself exactly what happened in the past.


But standing on a precipice (in 2.5-inch flatworms, no less!) should suffice these next few days.


Before I fall headlong simultaneously into the future, for fashion, and into the past, for literature.

Either way, see you soon! (Hopefully tomorrow at the bazaar!)

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inkarlcerating said...

my fave shoes from your vast collection