Saturday, December 24, 2011

A working year


What was I most thankful for in 2011? Besides the usual dependable friends and family and the suprising number of blessings, what I was particularly grateful for were my boots. It may sound trite, but it was thanks to my sturdy, heavy duty pairs that I was able to brave numerous floods and the usual muck of Divisoria and Quiapo, the wholesale meccas of Manila.


Camouflage tee, thrifted
Bomber jacket, 5cm
Jeans, Jil Sander
Belt, Izzue
Boots, Timberland, thrifted
Leather bag, Rabeanco, thrifted
"Dirae" necklace, Bosquejo

Thanks to my new work schedule (11am-7pm), I have been able to snatch short trips to Manila to source materials for my Bosquejo necklaces, right into the street-congested months of December.


Thank you, my dear cherished thrifted boots, you have been a boon.


Here is my second pair, in mustard yellow.


Polo shirt, Tru Turssardi
Jacket, thrifted
Trousers, Y-3
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Leather shoulder bag, agnes b., thrifted
Boots, Couber.G, thrifted
Canvas tote, Ritual

I know they make me look shorter, so maybe I'll look for something in a (somewhat reddish) shade of brown. I just love the color.


I think I love shoes just as much as I love bags. If only I can find pairs that fit.


So Merry Christmas! It is time again to eat and eat and eat. In between conversations I am sure my mind would be wandering, back to 2011 and jumping right into 2012. As for the present? Well, I just bought myself a new wallet, some shirts, and a varsity jacket that I will be pairing with my black boots tonight. Right now I am thinking of the many ways I can wear them.

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