Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The movie in my mind


Everything is as it should be when I wake up in the morning, roused by the sun and birdsong. No urge to check anything online or on my mobile. Hungry, what immediately fills me is the yearning to write and take advantage of the first hour when my mind is clear.


Still as water, lighter than clouds. Some pray first thing in the morning, others meditate. I walk silently in a dimly-lit street, which could be a memory, a tapering emotion, or a sentence that is threatening to collapse on itself.


Call it a place, an event, even an illusion. Sometimes the silence stares back, or I fall in. Sometimes I am less than dust, if I'm lucky, tumbleweed.

Sweater, Springfield; shirt, Crocodile; jeans, Maison Martin Margiela; belt from a market in Milan; espadrilles from Aldevinco, Davao; Young Camel satchel, thrifted

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Spend It: The people's prints / Digital vs print




I intentionally placed doubles for the images. The fuzzy ones are from my scanner and the clear pics are from How to Spend It's swanky website.




I know it may only be a matter of getting a new scanner, but it may also be about how the digitalization of print publications has been changing how netizens view editorial content.



Sure, plenty of us still get our fashion fix from The Fashion Spot. But seeing how things are going, can anyone predict how long TFS will retain the same level of relevance?



In any case, what's important is we retain the same level of access.



With the New York Times online page soon putting up a paywall, and the Financial Times continuously influencing other print outfits to follow its successful pay model, prospects do not seem bright.



It seems one has to shell it out, one way or another.



Of course, that is also the reason behind the success of free online-only publications, like The Contributing Editor.



So a question to those with tablets grafted to their hands: don't your palms miss the feel and smell of both glossy and grainy print, where there's no need to flip anything for spreads?


I cannot predict who will win, or if any side needs to. Like this last image, a web-only outfit, attests, unlimited space is one of the internet's advantages. Hope you enjoyed this delicious set!

Details to follow

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mula sa Rupero/From the Hamper

By Miguel Paolo Celestial

Rupero 01

Madalas sa madalas, tuwing tayo'y nag-uusap,
di ko mawari kung sino ang iyong nakikita
bago mo pa isa-isahin ang plastik na butones,
bago mo tanggalin ang tupi ng aking mga manggas.

More often than not, when I catch ourselves talking,
I have to second-guess who it is you see
even before you remove my buttons one by one,
before you unravel each and every fold of my sleeve.

Rupero 02

Dahil kapag niluwagan na ang sinturon at nahulog
ang pantalon, nakakalimutan ang landas ng sapatos,
nawawalan ng kasaysayan ang dumikit na alikabok.
Iisang mata lamang ang malulusutan ng sintas,

Because once belts are unfastened and trousers
surrendered, where my shoes have been doesn’t matter,
there is no history to the dust stuck to my soles.
There is only one eyelet to thread our laces,

Rupero 03

ngunit pareho tayong nakapikit, natatakot
hubarin ang pinakahuling pilas ng damit.
Pawisan, balat sa balat, dagli tayong nagbibihis,
sinusuot ang sari-sariling kamiseta ng hininga.

but we go through the motions with eyes closed,
afraid to cast off our last layer of clothes.
With sweat sticking skin to skin, we quickly dress,
pulling our breaths like we pull our shirts.

Rupero 04

Dahil bago mo pa ako hinubaran sa tingin,
sinimulan na kitang unti-unting tastasin.

Because even before you undressed me with one look,
I have already begun unthreading you from the hook.


Shirt and jacket: both thrifted; braided belt, Brave Beltworks; jeans, Levi's; laceups, Marlboro Classics; bag, 5cm; wristwatch, Tissot; pencil case, from Market Market; 'A Village Life' by Louise Glück, from PowerBooks

For more of my poetry and works by other authors, visit Buraburador

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Color blocking

Color blocking 01

Think I've worn this denim jacket only once out, when I wisely decided to roll up the baggy sleeves. This time I think the get-up is a bit too lazy.

Color blocking 02

Don't think it was a good idea to have worn equally loose linen pants. Though I didn't mind since I felt just fine: a bit scruffy but relaxed.

Color blocking 03

Thought of having a tailor make the arms more fit, but I still think twice about it since it may remove the vintage feel of the jacket. Pleats and all.

Color blocking 04

The day when I wore this was all about red, yellow, and blue, but it seems even street scenes also have a way of self-choregraphing.

Denim jacket, Liz Claiborne mustard yellow belt, G200 linen pants, scarf, red portfolio, and black nylon tote: all thrifted; shirt, Crocodile; beaten laceups, Marlboro Classics

Pictures by Patricia Suzara

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three patterns, three thrifted shirts

Three paterns three shirts 01

What attracted me most to these shirts were the fabrics and patterns, each with its own unique character.

Three paterns three shirts 02

I don't think I've seen houndstooth this creased and crinkled.

Three paterns three shirts 03

I actually just noticed the frayed collar when I got home. Not so bad, I say. Not only is it on-trend, it seems perfectly natural that the fabric would end in loose thread.

Three paterns three shirts 04

Do you see fishes? Slivers of the moon on water? Like the houndstooth shirt above, this has light enough fabric for the hotter summer weather. Both flow and swim with the breeze.

Three paterns three shirts 05

This last one is not that interesting, and a bit structured. Would require a wide tie/tie knot.

Three paterns three shirts 06

But I like the dizzying checkered pattern, and the french cuffs. Though I've yet to find an acceptable pair, ahem.

Three paterns three shirts 07

The three stooges, laid down like True Grit corpses, ready for a long soak.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One for the road, from Liverpool

Hoy Fashion 01

Just wanted to drop in to say hi. Yes I'm still alive.

Hoy Fashion 02

Been feeling like this for the past few weeks. Getting used to the silence again.

Hoy Fashion 03

Walk with me.

Photos from Hoy Fashion

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Just a few minutes left to the weekend. Some bloggers post outfits, portraits, or even songs on Sundays. Maybe I'll try out a new habit: a short recap of the past few days to torture/encourage myself of what I have accomplished. Or what simply slid through my daily-crafted schedule or my mind, lost between the lines.


Been less sickly, so yes to: gym, blogging, reading (on the last few pages of Patrick White's Riders in the Chariot), DVD shopping (Dune, Vengeance trilogy, The Last Station, Monster, Happy Together, etc), book shopping (Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook), movie out (though it was worthless), meet with an old friend over coffee. No: new Bosquejo jewelry made (though some posted), wasn't able to re-organize my room (never-ending process), … actually this list never ends. And mostly because I also said yes to: sleep, bad habits, and all the other entries in my yes list.

Polo shirt, Underground; hood, Izzue; braided belt, Nautica; jeans, Neil Barrett; electric typewriter case repurposed as a laptop bag; scarf and nylon tote: both thrifted; sneakers, Generic Surplus

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dyeing for a change: Noma Han

Noma Han 01

The last time I had my hair dyed, it was a deep shade of brown. So deep that only a handful of people knew I had anything done. And it was only perceptible under the sun. Now I find myself suddenly drawn to the exact opposite: am contemplating having my locks bleached and dyed something very light. Platinum blonde, a shade or gray, or perhaps even silver.

Noma Han 02

Of course I am not a model like Noma Han and it may be utter foolishness to even think about it.

Noma Han 03

No jawline, cheekbones, or arched eyebrows for the total effect.

Noma Han 04

No plan to have my ears pierced just to wear black ear pieces to match my black eyebrows, which I do not want to touch.

Noma Han 05

Again I am thinking too much about something that should really just be done on impulse.

Noma Han 06

But here I go, nonetheless. I may not be able to wear black earrings (plugs?), but I can wear a black headband, to be matched with a black-and-white wardrobe. Won't that be spiffy? An actual uniform! Of course the style is also important. That's why I'm growing my hair out a bit. Enough time for me to decide.

Noma Han 07

In the meantime, here is an editorial with Noma, just to give an idea what kind of clothes go with the hair color.

Noma Han 08

This time, I can no longer delay buying a pair of shades.

Noma Han 09

More white tees and shirts, black jeans and trousers. The advantage of being a platinum blonde is that the slightly yellow color goes well with denim.

Noma Han 10

Or skin! Haha, in tanks of course. Tattoos? Hmmm… One step at a time…

Noma Han 11

I know there is a possibility that I may instantly regret losing my black hair, which I think goes with everything. Subtle and unobtrusive.

Noma Han 12

But then again, I have always been crazy. In a not wholly understandable way.

More to come very very soon...