Thursday, April 28, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Schedule for the Holiday 2011 shows

PFW Show Sched ad as of_4_20

See you there!

PFW Show Sched Holiday 2011b

Lent some Bosquejo necklaces for the press shoot. Can you find my name in the poster?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breezy silhouette


I've worn these Thai farmer's pants before, with a similarly fitting jacket, but I haven't shown you just how comfy this pair can be, and, paired with a darker top, more expressive.


I like how the ribbed hem of my Muji jacket ends just at the top of the one-and-only pocket of the pants, which almost belongs to an apron. Hence, I have to carry my wallet and phone. (Murse, anyone?)


Big bad buttons! And my (mom's) hammered Hablo cuffs.


Look ma, no shoes! It takes a while to wear the farmer's pants since I have to fold the excess fabric on both sides before tying the string from the back. I don't have four hands, but elbows sure come "handy"! The bunching up of the extra cloth forms the creases, giving volume form. (I know I've been wearing these crocheted sandals to death, but they're so comfortable that I wear them every chance I get, especially work Fridays!)

thai farmers pants

See what I mean?


I know you know it's warm. Let me tell you a secret: I'm actually intentionally sweating to help lose that nasty gut! Seriously though, the jacket usually stays in the office. The remaining A.P.C. tee and trousers flow easily with any hint of breeze.


So flares are back for women, while wide, baggy trousers have never left my closet.

Jacket, Muji; tee, A.P.C.; trousers from Aldivinco, Davao; sandals, thrifted; cuff by Hablo

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The bare bones of it


No matter how you go about it, things will always come down to lists. Although I have never answered any slam book-type (slam book?) questionnaires on any social medium, I'd like to share a personalized version on how I know that I have made the most of my 24 hours.


1. I am able to clear my mind in the morning and write something new: maybe just a line of poetry, or hopefully a stanza. Or rewrite the same. I know I'm really lucky when I actually finish a piece in one sitting.

2. I am able to read something that moves or absorbs me: a chapter of fiction, an eye-opening personal account, a well-written essay. No, an entire hour spent reading tweets or blogs does not count.

3. I am able to design a new necklace, fulfill an order, or even just nibble on a new idea.

4. I have talked to someone who has made me question my perceptions/opinion about a specific topic.

5. I have spent at least an hour in physical exercise.

6. I am able to sleep well.


I think that's about it. For me the rest are a bonus: blogging, shopping, sitting down to a fulfilling meal with a good friend, watching movies (no TV please). Though it would be nice every now and then to repeat my morning ritual in the afternoon: me with my coffee, in silence, waiting for the day to ease while letting the surging city rush through me.

What's on your daily list?

Jacket, Muji; polo shirt and belt, thrifted; trousers, Maison Martin Margiela; bone necklace, OS

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bosquejo presents the Furies: stainless steel razor necklaces

The Furies 01

First time I made a theme-inspired set for Bosquejo jewelry. Posting it here since I think these pieces are ambiguous enough to be unisex.

This first necklace is named Magaera ("grudging"), after one of the Erinnýes ("the angry ones") or Eumenídes ("the kindly ones") in Greek mythology, or Furies/Dirae in the Roman version. The Kindly Ones/Furies were chthonic deities of vengeance, or supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead.

I thought of the trio while handling the lethal-looking razors, which together remind me of teeth.

The Furies 02

The second is called Alecto ("unceasing"). I can imagine wearing these necklaces, especially Magaera above, on top of a white button-down shirt.

Though I first read of the Furies in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, it was only after reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman series that they really came alive in my head.

The Furies 03

Tisiphone (or "avenging murder": you must admit no one beats the Greeks when it comes to names) I can imagine worn with a collarless shirt, even one with a slight v-neck. Will show you once I've worn them with my cameos.

What do you think?

Send me an email for orders

Bosquejo presents: new Furies + the Dragons series

Saturday, April 16, 2011

oki-ni presents STYLED by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_01

This is my favorite so far in the STYLED series by men's online retailer oki-ni.

STYLED is a multimedia editorial series produced collaboratively with leading talent, from celebrated fashion editors to expert stylists and prominent publications.

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_02

The mix of patterns and accessories, and how they blend with the location, are spot on.

It [STYLED] is the coming together of like-minded people to present a unique and compelling vision—a wearable presentation of looks pulled from our brand mix.

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_03

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Danish-born stylist Anders Sølvsten Thomsen held a position at POP before securing his current role as the Senior Fashion Editor at LOVE. A close associate of Katie Grand, Anders has contributed to a number of international publications including LOVE, POP, US VOGUE and EXIST, and has worked for clients including Dockers, Louis Vuitton and Adidas.

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_04

This is an important lesson in point in subtly accentuating vivid prints.

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_05

This jacket sees all.

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_06

Stylist, Anders Sølvsten Thomsen; hair, Joshua Gibson for Sassoon; assistant, Helen Rendell

Oki Ni Styled Anders Sølvsten Thomsen 02_07

oki-ni presents STYLED by Jane Howard

Friday, April 15, 2011

Room for sunshine


No, I am not hopelessly optimistic. In fact, my optimism is based on being a realist. Take that!


They say happiness is not something you look for; it just happens. Something at the tail end of something else. Like the tingle of heat that runs through your body waking up to the morning sun. Even then, it remains unnameable.


Of course, there is the color yellow. Mustard yellow in the case of these thrifted carpenter's pants by a relatively unknown Italian brand. Yes, I know the knee stitches indicate that they were made for a taller guy, but does that guarantee happiness? LOL.


First I thought I should keep the sleeves in, but I think the stripes have a way of further taming my "happy pants", besides the fact that they are naughtily nautical. 2nd LOL.


Happy summer!

Henley, Zara; jacket, Izzue; old belt: Giordano; jeans, crochet sandals, and scarf: all thirsted

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gray death, part 2

Rockwell Coachella 01

As promised, here are more photos from yesterday, starting with the other OS necklaces on sale.

Clockwise from top: scapula necklace modeled after an animal spine, catskull necklace, bone tie necklace, cartilage necklace, crossbones necklace (which I got), spine necklace (which I want, but I have asked them to reduce the pieces and expose more chain)

Rockwell Coachella 02

The catskull necklace has bolts screwed in.

Rockwell Coachella 03

I want to wear them with either a black- or white-based outfit. Though a colorful ensemble with a beige accent would be workable as well.

Rockwell Coachella 04

The packaging of the crossbones necklace I bought.

Rockwell Coachella 05

Worn, as I showed earlier.

Rockwell Coachella 06

Silver bubble wrap. Just look at Paul's rings. He is one of the OS designers.

Rockwell Coachella 07

The shredded Paradigm Shift scarf I bought, worn as a cowl. Displayed behind me are their other wares.

Rockwell Coachella 08

As veil.

Rockwell Coachella 09

Close-up view of the Bosquejo necklaces I wore yesterday: Eudoxia and Little Deaths.

Rockwell Coachella 10

Normal mode.

Rockwell Coachella 11

Inside the paper bag.

Rockwell Coachella 12

Mikhael of Paradigm Shift and Paul of OS. Thanks again for the lovely pieces, and for taking my pics! They've invited me to join then the next time they sell at a bazaar. Now that sounds like fun!

Rockwell Coachella 13

Their stall is a shared effort between a handful of labels.

Rockwell Coachella 14

Nicolle, who designs shoes for Soule Phenomenon. More pics of her on my streetstyle blog, La Folie Douce.

Rockwell Coachella 15

What you waiting for?

Rockwell Coachella 16

I'll drop by again tonight. Say hi!

Gray death, part I


Was at the Coachella at Rockwell bazaar this evening. Today, Sunday, is the event's last day, so make sure to pass by later for some good finds. One of mine is this shredded scarf by Paradigm Shift, which can be worn as a cowl, or as a veil if you're into that.

Tee, Zara; Two Percent jeans, thrifted; braided belt, Nautica; crocheted sandals, thrifted; Eudoxia and Little Deaths necklaces, with Gene bracelet, Bosquejo


My second find is this chicken bone necklace (made of resin and silver) by OS. The pieces are molded from the bones of different animals (kangaroos, cats, chickens…).


Here is the normal way of wearing a scarf, though of course the shredded fabric is sure to give one a more unique experience.

It was a coincidence that I was wearing monochromatic gray and donning a tee with the word "death" embroidered on it. Had lots of fun with designer/blogger friends who made the pieces. Have more pictures, but I really have to sleep. Will post them in a few hours. Just thought you'd want to know, so you can still catch the bazaar.

Photos by Mikhael Magallanes and Paul Jatayna

Gray death, part II

Monday, April 4, 2011

Arena Homme Plus #33: Summer/Autumn 2010

AH+ 33_01

Found loads of copies of the previous issue of Arena Homme Plus. If you're into back issues and this particular magazine, give me a holler. Just P300 each, sealed and unread. Below is a peak into the issue's pages.

AH+ 33_02

AH+ 33_03

AH+ 33_04

AH+ 33_05

AH+ 33_06

AH+ 33_07

AH+ 33_08

AH+ 33_09

AH+ 33_10

AH+ 33_11

AH+ 33_12

AH+ 33_13

AH+ 33_14

AH+ 33_15

AH+ 33_16

AH+ 33_17

AH+ 33_18

AH+ 33_19

AH+ 33_20

AH+ 33_21

AH+ 33_22