Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gray uniform with a stainless steel razor brooch


Took these pictures after watching the last full show of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. Call this my interpretation of the Thom Browne look.


This is my first prototype for a Bosquejo brooch, all pinned to a cropped gray suit jacket. Made of stainless steel razors and nuts. No, you can't use them for shaving.


It's as big as the gigantic flowers sometimes worn by women as brooches. I was actually wearing just a white v-neck that afternoon but decided to change into something both sheer and striped (also reversible).

Monday, May 30, 2011

VMan Spring/Summer 2005: Tokyo Six


Snagged a fresh batch of kimonos for my own use and for pouches for Bosquejo accessories. But before I show them, here is an editorial from more than five years ago, styled to capture the unique vibe in Japan.


Tomoki Sukezane, Tokyo's top stylist, chooses the looks that are sure to make it big in Japan. Photography by Junji Hata


Am scanning old magazines since I feel I should be letting them go already, but Tomoki Sukezane got the better of me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's in My Bag IV: Cambridge Satchel/Muji and me


Before anything, would just like to say that my umbrella was supposed to be black as well, but in a fit of violent rage, I broke it (don't ask). So now I have one in blue plaid, from 7/11. Surrounding my new 15-inch Cambridge Satchel are little pouches that I've managed to accumulate with my gadgets. They contain wires, chargers, and adapters for my camera, laptop, iPhone, and iPad (I gave my iPod to my sister); flash disks and external drives; and something to plug my headphones to amplifiers.

At the lower right corner is my pencil case, with lead for mechanical pencils and post-its in the mesh compartment. The one at the upper right is for my Swiss Army knife and keys, since the satchel has no zippered sections. All the cases are from Muji, except the one at center right, which is from Beabi and is now falling apart.

I have too many things, I know. I think the Cambridge Satchel can only carry my peripherals. It will force me to bring only those that I will actually use within the day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ciao! !oaiC


Just finished with shopping day today, and though I can't wait to show you what I bought (bag, blazer and polo shirt with a double collar), there is much work to do.

Oh, though I can say that my new Fred Perry blazer from its Japanese collection makes me miss wearing jackets. Get ready for blazer week! Happy weekend!

iPhone pic taken at the Zara fitting room. They didn't have the shirt in my size

Friday, May 27, 2011

Black and white and blonde


When I was still a brunette, not so long ago, I'd get jealous of blondes wearing black. Somehow, the color just looks better on them than on guys with darker locks. It must be the contrast. So naturally, I had to try it. I must say, it does tone down the color of my crown.


Ok, don't laugh. I rarely pose. It must be the light, and the shadows. So naturally, again, I also had to do this in black-and-white.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to the United Blogs of Benetton


Today is the launch of the United Blogs of Benetton, a global magazine composed of nine blogs from around the world: from China, France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Some of the bloggers I met last year for the IT'S:MY:TIME shoot in New York, and some are new.

I only started last Monday, and I shall be updating the Philippine blog daily on weekdays, for about six months. The blog is written in Filipino, kaya sana bumisita naman kayo, mag-iwan ng comment, mangumusta, magtanong…alam niyo na 'yon! For international readers, I hope Google translate doesn't mess up the translation too much.

See you there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: yellow safari jacket by Ziggy Savella


It's actually a cross between a short-sleeved shirt, a safari jacket, a robe, and an anorak.


It's perfect!


What makes it even more covetable is its semi-sheer fabric, and of course, the color.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best color blocking editorial: 'Atomic!' by Men's Folio


Looking for inspiration for a new editorial (Yes, I will be styling again!), I stumbled on this.


The images have an immediate impact.


They either make you stare at them or look twice.


This is my top criteria for good editorials: they have more than one layer of text, or content, even if at first glance they seem utterly simple.

Early bird discount for Designer Fashion Workshops in June

DFW-June-July-2011 01

DFW is holding its next round of workshops this coming June. Top Filipino fashion professionals Inno Sotto, Jojie Lloren, Lulu Tan-Gan, Joey Samson, Robi Lolin, Noel Manapat, Millet Arzaga and many more are once again holding Designer Fashion Workshops.


The workshop organizers are offering early enrollees (those who sign up before May 28) a special 10% discount on the classes. Just don't forget to tell them you that read about the news on El Bosquejo.

Above: behind the scenes at Jojie Lloren's Draping 1 class


Fashion Styling Workshop with Millet Arzaga


Fashion Illustration with Robi Lolin


Project Runway Winner Manny Marquez teaches students the basics of flat pattern drafting

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby it's warm outside


Not to mention mind-dullingly humid. As of this writing, my black roots are starting to emerge, giving my ash blonde crown a darker tinge. While I'm still getting the hang of wearing the right neutrals to go with my hair, I'm starting to get bored.


Haha, can't help missing my old brunette self. Though I don't think these frames will go as well with black. Nor will really bright hues. Next project: color blocking? (Is there anything more hackneyed?)

Tee, De Puta 69 (I'm not joking); jeans, Calvin Klein jeans; Liz Claiborne belt, Kickers sandals, and nylon tote: all thrifted; sunglasses, swag from Penshoppe

Photos by Patricia Suzara


P.S. Just posted my first 2011 blog entry for United Blogs of Benetton, written in Filipino.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: M Barretto


M Barretto remains dependable when it comes to basic menswear pieces. Not only does he keep the cuts clean, he also continues to add little twists, like diagonal zippers and multi-buttoon collars.


This makes me want to buy my own white suit.


Worn without a tie and with a black shirt, pocket square and heavy boots that will all make you forget how fragile an all-white ensemble could be.


Plaid made rad.


Especially when your trousers match your jacket.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fashion transformation: Maverick Lacson


I took this first photograph two years ago, also on Philippine Fashion Week and posted it on La Folie Douce, my streetstyle blog.( Yes, I've picked up more Photoshop skills since then, though not enough still.)


Almost forgot about Maverick until a few weeks back, when he had his hair dyed and came up with this shot. He still loves his checks, but he no longer needs to wear a beanie, what with his new crown.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: Oxygen


Lots of great menswear pieces at the Oxygen show at Philippine Fashion Week. Wasn't able to photograph many of my favorites, but am glad that I did capture this: fit and cropped shawl-collared blazer with a diagonal hem.


I love the fake vent, which is both cute and intelligent. And oh, The Misshapes were there! Can't wait for the pieces to hit the stores.

Thursday, May 19, 2011



Ready or not, here is my first official cameo as a blonde. Believe it or not, I've had these baggy, pleated trousers since high school. Yes, some things do not change.

Besides my hair, you'd also notice the new way I'm cropping my pics. Please just click on them to see a larger, more detailed version.


This is my second get-up for Philippine Fashion Week. Decided to tone things down because of: 1) the heat, 2) I was hoping the color of my hair would not stand out too much, and 3) it felt like a t-shirt day.


I do love though, how my hair catches the sun, shining like a noonday grin. What do you think?


And since my hair now goes with it, I decided to wear the first prototype for my eight and final collection for Bosquejo, which I have decided to call Midas.

Tee and jacket: Izzue; trousers, G200; belt, A.P.C.; Kickers sandals, thrifted; necklace, Bosquejo

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: YSL 2011 Spring/Summer eyewear collection

I'm a blonde in search of sunnies.


Here are some stills from the video.


It's been a while since I've written anything about the films by YSL.

Giorgio Di Salvo: the only skull necklace you'll ever need

Giorgio Di Salvo Skulls Necklace 01

Made of iron, made in Italy.

Giorgio Di Salvo Skulls Necklace 02

I love the menacing moving mandibles.

Giorgio Di Salvo Skulls Necklace 03

Reminds me of Hedi Slimane.

Giorgio Di Salvo Skulls Necklace 04

The little devils.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: menswear finale

Menswear finale 01

Fishermen, farmers, squires, knights, or warriors?

Menswear finale 02

Whatever they were, the men in black who paraded at the end of the menswear shows were a sight to behold.

Menswear finale 03

Hats with feathers, lace, wire, and net. Scarves and cummerbunds.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My last cameo as a brunette


Philippine Fashion Week just concluded with one of its best shows in many seasons: a highly dramatic post-humous exhibition from the house of Louie Mamengo. But before I tell about more work by local designers, and show you more cameos of myself as a blonde, here is a last look at what I looked like just a few days ago.


Here is the back of the kimono I wore last Tuesday. It was part of a stash of kimonos and obis that I repurposed to wrap boxes for my Bosquejo necklaces. There are also black pieces that I have likewise kept for personal use.


What I did was tie the lower corners around my waist and then roll excess fabric thus: not very different from how one wears Thai farmer's pants. The sleeves I wrapped and rolled around my arms. Nifty, eh? Here is the kimono worn at original length.