Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disappearing act


This was taken on one of my off (vacation leave) days when I had to run lots of errands and finish unfinished business. I decided to try out the mustard-colored leather backpack I had scored recently at the thrift shop since I was carrying some stuff and I had to go around Manila and Makati.


Polo shirt, thrifted
Jeans, Sisley
Leather backpack, thrifted
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Laceups, Marlboro Classics
Faux leather travel bag, thrifted

I love the idea of the backpack, which is used not used by school children, but also by travellers. Sometimes, when I want to clear my mind and disappear to the world — just letting it pass through me — I ride a public bus ("regular", without airconditioning) very late into the night when they zoom past EDSA (usually from Makati to Cubao, then back, or further when I need more "me" and "quiet" time).

I love the wind, the view of street lights and of the city imperceptibly still, or falling nearly to sleep. During these times I remember my priorities, which have little to do with fashion.


When I am quiet, when I am still and become one with the metropolis — with all its dirt and grime and crime, but also with its lights, laughter, and hope — I am most myself. When I am here but not here, when I am most familiar but also the most distant.

Photos by Gelo Arucan

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blazer in the rain


This is what I wore last Thursday to the OS x Eric Poliquit / Enzo Mondejar x FaDAL event: Manang, I Love You. It says on the navy blue blazer's label that it's made of 100% cotton, but I doubt it. It feels synthetic and I think can be worn out for light drizzles.


Blazer, Bench
Sleeveless jacket, Ziggy Savella
Short-sleeved shirt, Springfield
Pants, Drei Soriano
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Belt, A.P.C.

I love the white piping on the blazer, which I have worn over a rust-colored sleeveless jacket. Both have belts, which I have decided to wear untied. Can you see the zipper near the pants' hem? It matches the crotch zipper, which doesn't end with a button, just the zipper till the waist.


Do you notice something else about the blazer?


Yes, it has a hood, which is detachable via buttons. I must say I never expected this from Bench. Am quite impressed.


Just imagine how practical this would be. Not only will you be able to dress up your normal, boring long-sleeved shirt for work, you will also be able to keep relatively dry (with umbrella still, of course) when the rain pours.

The trousers are actually part of a set, with this shirt, which I hope I can use as a shirt soon, and not as a jacket (after major gym time). Soon, I'll wear them together.


Say hello to Mike Magallanes, wearing a reworked tartan set. It was an awesome night with friends!

Photos by Edrick Bruel

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stripes by Bench


Trips to Bench, the biggest local clothing retailer, are like trips to the thrift store: I do not know what to expect. Sometimes I find nothing or just one or two pieces that I like, and other times I am just overwhelmed by their current stock. Two weekends ago was a deluge.


Pullover, Bench
Track pants, M Barreto x Bench
Tee, Electromagnetic Tentacle (the fabric is nice, even if the spoof cartoon cannot be seen)
Leather trainers, Helmut Lang

I tucked the pullover inside the track pants (A terrific collaboration between Bench and menswear favorite M Barretto) so that the garter of the trousers can be seen. I like red-white-blue stripes repeated at the waist and the ankle hem. I also appreciate that the wrist hem of the pullover is extra long, giving the illusion of the base of gloves. (More Bench items in future posts.)


Here I changed from the tee and pullover into a polo shirt, also in stripes in order to keep the repetition. This was the first time I used the black polka-dot-and-lightning backpack I thrifted recently.


Polo shirt; Underground
Backpack, Double Shock


I know it looks as if I came from P.E. class, but I couldn't resist the comfortable track pants. (It feels colder at the office—yes, you heard me right—but I don't care.)


Striped socks, Bossini

Makes it easier to dash to the elevator once my shift is over.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ManilART Saturday


Spent the entire afternoon yesterday at the third annual ManilART fair. Here are some of my personal highlights. More pictures to come on my photography and Benetton blog.


(Sorry, many of the works had no labels on them.)


'Magnificat' by Daniel dela Cruz


'Walang Lamang' by Jim Orencio



'Doppelganger' by Marcel Antonio


'Embrace' by Gabriel Barredo


This was the first ManilART I attended. For sure I'll be visiting the next exhibit.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lapis lazuli and leather


So even before I started making Bosquejo accessories utilizing semi-precious stones, I was already wearing stones myself. My first-ever necklace of the kind was a string of tiger's eye in varying colors, worn here under a tie and with a denim shirt, here with an all-green outfit, and here over a tie and with checks. So I suppose it's only natural that I try out my own pieces, even if usually only worn by my female customers.


I am wearing a blue-themed necklace from my Azul collection under a faux leather jacket by Drei Soriano (first worn here).


Here is what the necklace, named Elba, looks under brighter light. It is composed of different shades of lapis lazuli, with pyrite (fool's gold), and small 10-carat gold beads.


I know the outfit combination looks strange, but I wanted something loose (baggy farmer's pants) and monochromatic (matching of double-collared polo shirt), but at the same time both masculine (faux leather jacket) and refined (semi-precious stones). Haha, I know that's too much to ask for, but this is what I came up with.


The necklace at closer view. Did you know that the golden flecks in the lapis lazuli are actually pyrite? So it was not a hard decision to pair the stone with fool's gold (pyrite by another name). I am also still not over the natural creases of the farmer's trousers (right), produced by its volume and by the rolling of fabric at the waist. It's fun to now and then experiment with what personally seems strange.

Double-collar polo shirt, Fred Perry; faux leather jacket, Drei Soriano; Thai farmer's pants from Davao; crocheted sandals, thrifted; briefcase, Bally

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zuzeca and Panda


Apologies in advance: you'll be seeing my face more often than is necessary in this post as I experiment with the format of my blog entries. I think I wore this black-and-white outfit last Friday.


I wanted to wear a Hardware piece against black, but without being as somber. So I wore the Zuzeca necklace over the first three buttons of my cardigan, but left the rest open to reveal a striped tee underneath.


Zuzeca is part of the latest Hardware series, called Dragons, which can resemble snakes and other slithery things.


I love the resulting contrast in solids and stripes, the almost feminine silhouette literally weighed down by steel and made masculine by leather and denim.


So who is Panda? Like my outfit, he also comes in black and white (hence the name, according to my sister), but has a moist nose and white whiskers. Remember him?

Cardigan, Muji; tee, Ralph Lauren; belt, A.P.C.; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; sandals, Kickers, thrifted; "Zuzeca" necklaces, Bosquejo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thrift bag bonanza + skulls and yellow boots


It was a good thing I decided to brave the floods at Pasong Tamo Avenue (occasionally known as Pasong Tamo River) to attend the first birthday party of a colleague's daughter. If I didn't I wouldn't have gone to a nearby thrift store at Makati Cinema Square to score these wonderful items.

The mustard yellow leather backpack (no brand) was a no-brainer, since I loved the color, details, and the material. I thought that was that until I saw the black polka dot and lightning bag (brand: Double Shock).


Now I wonder why I didn't find these backpacks while I was in school. Love the rivets and detailing at the back.


The bigger flap of the leather bag opens with a zippered compartment inside. It is tied by a strip in the same material. Buckles!


This is my third lucky thrifted leather bag (the one at the leftmost is only leatherette). It is evident that I love the different shades of brown when it comes to bags. I'm still missing something in the reddish leather of Florence.


This Zara backpack was another surprise. At first glance (and at first try on my back), not only was it unwieldy, but also deceptively ugly. What drew me to it was the thickness of the canvas and the numerable straps.


Each pocket is secured by a strap, and so is the main compartment. There's no doubt that the bag is sturdy and dependable. I have a feeling I will be needing it soon as I take on more projects that will require more mobility.


Then I also found these totes, which are very light compared to the Zara sack. They almost have the same color for their pleather detailing.


Am keeping them for lighter days, when the biggest thing I would be carrying is a book.


I also found this poison skull print hoodie in terry cloth. Thinking of wearing it at the OS event on Thursday, with accessories of course. Beside it are more mustard yellow items: industrial boots.


I have always liked this color, and the tassels remind me of Charlie Brown and an old pair I used for the longest time as a boy. Need this not just for a pop of color but also for the rain (puddles and floods). I know they're suede, but what the hell. Best worn with rough denim.


Now off they go to the laundry and the leather specialists. Time to let go of some old bags that are already dusty...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work life


What I wore yesterday at work. Yes, the office beckons even during weekends. But when I say work, I do not mean just going to the office.


I also mean blogging (here and on my other pages); designing, making, selling, and delivering Bosquejo accessories; writing poetry and yes, even reading; and believe it or not, I have another project coming up — one that I am procrastinating on just by writing this post. (I don't think I've been this nervous in quite a long time.)


My point is, these are the things that make me alive, that I am living for right now. And for that, there are no weekends. And even though at many points, all these activities resemble drudgery, they are what shapes me. (Yes, I still manage some leisure, but extended periods of relaxation make me restless.)


It is raining again. When work comes, it pours.

Nylon jacket, thrifted; polo shirt, Ritual; trousers, Maison Martin Margiela; briefcase, Bally; espadrilles from Davao; necklace, "Benedictine" from Bosquejo's Sacre collection

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sacre by Bosquejo sold exclusively at ac+632

Sacre-ac+631_01 Benedict III

These necklaces have been designed exclusively for ac+632 at Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Sacre-ac+631_02 Via Dolorosa

Hope you can visit if you are in the area.