Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storm impasse


A big storm has just passed. Though the flood on many roads have receded, lots of people are only beginning to confront the damage. Living in a tropical country with its back turned to the Pacific, I sometimes think we live life between typhoons.


When it rains even in December and we live in an archipelago, how can we not consider ourselves as water people?

I've worn this nylon blazer before, now shown in brighter light, though still in the dark. (The belt could be longer.)


Blazer, Bench
Shirt, Bench
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Trousers, Muji
Sneakers, Comme des Garçons Shirt, thrifted
Satchel, Young Camel, thrifted

Personally, I live between milestones, between major changes. Though they may not move as fast as 20kph, I nevertheless find myself submerged.


Look beyond the street: it is a long way to go, yet sometimes (especially now), I feel as if I'm drowning in a pitiful, almost-gone puddle.


An-almost-gratuitous crotch shot. Yes, the blazer and sneakers were meant to match.


From the storm image to one of dilapidation and decay.


Must get going. I should be ready when this wall of a year collapses. (Not that I'm not thankful; more like I've outgrown it prematurely.)


The soles of these sneakers are almost those of a tabi.


When the sky clears, the weeds will have been replaced by blossoms. But until then, there are more storms to confront.

Is it Thursday already?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Desert fire


Strange coincidence that I wore this t-shirt on Saturday and watched a semi-documentary on Georgia O'Keeffe only a few days ago. Just thought about the coincidence now. It was in the desert (at least in the film) that O'Keeffe picked up a skull similar to the one printed on this shirt. It is found several times in her paintings, alongside flowers. Here is one.


Faux leather jacket, Drei Soriano
Tee, Folded & Hung
Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans
Belt with hammered metal buckle, Structure, thrifted
Nylon sneakers, Tretorn x Acne
Suede and denim tote, Tough Jeansmith, thrifted
"Utada" necklace, Bosquejo
Metal cuff, Hablo

But instead of flowers, there are flames, wings, suns, and geometric shapes on the tee. Wore this ensemble for a themed party (Street Fighter crossed with something, I forget). Not so sure if my outfit really adhered to the peg. In any case, the party was an absolute blast. Fun with friends until the sun came out.


The back design repeats the front. The bare beauty of bones is ancient and animalistic. Look at O'Keeffe's painting again. I would wear a necklace with this as a pendant, with the horns stretching from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. What do you think, OS?


Suede and blue denim is one the best combinations for bags, I think. Better than with canvas. Now you can see the skull near the armpit of the tee. Warrants a leather jacket, don't you think?


The "Utada" necklace from Bosquejo's Hardware collection, made of stainless steel nuts, bobbins, hematite (colored black), and various beads. Can you see the robot at the end of the necklace? How about the Powerpuff girls?


Also, the thing about skulls that makes them so mysterious is their empty sockets. They're hollow but heavy, even disturbing. Like staring into an abyss. That's why it's not hard to imagine fire coming out of them.


Here is the Hablo cuff again. Perfectly paired, I think. with a Hardware necklace. Someday I will also weld metal together, hopefully even create new alloys to produce more interesting jewelry. Fire to melt metal and fire to refine new ideas.


And finally, my shoes. Colored blue, the usual representation of water. Since we need to cool down molten steel so it can harden into something durable and of value. Same thing for concepts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sakura and stripes


Well at least I assume the flowers on this kimono (first worn here) were inspired by sakura blossoms.


Kimono, thrifted
Shirt, Topman
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Shoes, Cole Haan
Briefcase, Bally

Who would have known I could wear a kimono to work? All I had to do was to tie the extra fabric around my waist and around the arms. You can see that the fabric is a bit translucent, and that there are permanent ridges.


When I carry lots of things, I carry this brief on my shoulder. Soft as a baby.


I'm beginning to enjoy these back shots. Not just to show the patterns of what I'm wearing, but because sometimes I'm really just not in the mood to smile or to face anyone.

Can you see the bamboo?


Sometimes I just feel like this: not like strands of flowers, but more like knots of wire.


In any case, soon it will be Friday. Time to bend back, and march on!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Folded and Hung graphic tees: Native America gone pop


No, I wasn't really at the beach (how I wish), but just found this wall at a children's school. Was supposed to wear shorts last Saturday when I went to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair, but then it immediately rained after these pics were taken. So I changed into jeans.


Tee, Folded and Hung
Chambray shorts, Topman
Braided belt, Nautica
Cardigan, Muji
Sneakers, Converse, thrifted
Nylon tote, thrifted
Cap, thrifted
"Tisiphone" necklace, Bosquejo

Really though, with weather this unpredictable in Manila, someone should invent trousers that have clasps or buttons so they can instantly be transformed them into shorts, and vice versa.


I see birds, a tepee, eyes, arrows, feathers, a crazy Indian (Native American), and a rainbow of colors. This is just one of four graphic tees I so excitedly purchased from Folded and Hung two (three?) weeks ago.


The crab wants to take away my bag.


Funny, the eyes of the seagulls. I like the sun and the rain equally, but prefer the sea to muddy floods.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red-hot Monday


Of course I'm kidding. There is absolutely nothing racy about Mondays. After sleepy Sundays, Mondays are all about cracking your bones back into motion.


Jacket, Muji
Shirt, G200
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Jeans, Bench
Laceups, Marlboro Classics
"Dirae" necklace, Bosquejo

Rubbing the sleep from your eyes.


I remember the first time I ventured to Divisoria by myself, I was looking for stainless steel pendants I would wear, just to spruce up my day-to-day outfits. This was way before I even thought about designing accessories. I guess I've gone full circle.

The leather bag, which I have featured several times, is a lucky thrift find. The shop has since burned down.


Monday is the week's fresh start. I should have cleaned and shined my shoes, I know. To hell with it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleepy gray Sunday


Pics were taken last Sunday. It doesn't seem any less gloomy taoday.


It's been a while since I wore this shredded scarf from Paradigm Shift (worn here with a gray tee and here with a denim shirt). Soon the duo will be releasing a new collection, all in gray monochrome.


Am also happy to announce that Bosquejo will be collaborating with Paradigm Shift soon, so you better watch out for that.


Sweater, Zasum from Mundo
Jeans, Maison Martin Margiela
Scarf, Paradigm Shift
Sneakers, Bass
Shoulder bag, Urban Outfitters, thrifted


Say hello to Panda, my sister's dog. A little more than a year old, I think. Part Spitz and part Shih Tzu.


But entirely sleepy the entire afternoon, as he was feeling the grayness too.


He likes to snuggle up on the sofa, with either people or with pillows.


These sneakers must be more than a decade old, with the canvas already worn and part of the laces torn off.

The day couldn't get any easier than this.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bosquejo SALE + new items at Anthology


The "Fury" (single-razor) and "Dirae" (triple-razor) necklaces I blogged about here are now available at Anthology, Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.


I am also holding a 30% SALE on all pieces from the Dragons series, plus selected necklaces from the Hardware collection.

So be sure to drop by Anthology when you pass by Rockwell. Watch this page for for more SALE announcements.

Afternoon shadows


Except that it's really morning, and even though the light is perfect for writing and reading while sipping coffee, I had to leave for the office.


Tee, Dries Van Noten
Jeans, Levi's
Hoodie, thrifted
Shoulder bag, Urban Outfitters, thrifted
Sandals, thrifted


I know I've done nothing but whine on this blog, haha. Maybe on the next post I'll just keep quiet.


Or write fewer and fewer words until I'm silent. Until you don't even notice that I've already gone. Like the past week that has dissolved into Friday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Benetton iPad case in wool cable knit


This could seriously double as my office pillow.


Or I can also use it to carry books, with space for some sundries. Thank you Benetton!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The death of me


So I find myself sick again, and again it's the flu. Of course the flu will tell me: again it's late nights collapsing on your bed for a few hours then waking up early in the morning to resume work; something had to give. Touché.


Hoodie, thrifted
Striped shirt, SM Surplus
Jeans, Levi's
Braided belt, A.P.C.
Espadrilles from Davao
Necklace, OS

I know it's been poisonous for my system. But just a little more, push a little further. At the same time I'm itching for change. Like before, back in 2009, I would write about all the menswear shows I liked, then I'd also have all these long articles. Now it's just about what I wear, or what I do. I'm also happy that I'm able to cover the local scene more. But again, something is missing. I want to do something else. More of something and less of others, more or less.


We'll see. I have a feeling all these months have been in preparation for 2012, when things will be entirely different.


Hold on to your espadrilles. Inertia will be the death of me. But for the moment, some sleep.