Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping the ball rolling


Hurray for Saturday! So we're well into this four-day weekend, but if you've been religiously attending the shows at Philippine Fashion Week, your holiday only beings on Monday. As for me, I have work tomorrow, a Sunday, right before I run to the show of Drei Soriano. Sad that I couldn't attend Mike Lavarez's show, but good luck to them both! Of course, I am very excited to finally see my Bosquejo accessories on the runway.

I haven't been able to attend because of my day job schedule and, besides creating new pieces for other collections (Sacre, Feline, and Azul for Rajo Laurel's Russia-inspired Holiday collection; more Sacre for ac+632; and the second Hardware collection), I have decided to devote more time for myself. Just last night I was able to get past some chapters of fiction and a magazine article, before I was finally able to add a few lines to the current poem I am working on. For other people, leading a balanced life means devoting time to leisure; for me it means being able to work on a variety of pursuits.


Sweater, thrifted
Shirt, Zara, thrifted
Trousers, Gas
Leather sneakers, Fred Perry
"Dirae" necklace, Bosquejo

Strange, now that I look at it, how one of my outfits last week actually looked sporty. First I thought it was the matching white shirt and sneakers, and then I decided that it was the proportion and fit of the sweater and trousers. Yes, more than the fact that I was wearing sneakers. There may also be something to the way I folded my shirt sleeves over the hem of my sweater.


Is it the crest? In any case, I wonder if I want to go to any of the Halloween parties tonight. Last time I went was years ago, and it was a goth party. This is how I looked, with a lace dress worn as a scarf.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bosquejo on the cover of Playing Fashion


This has got to be one of the most pleasant surprises ever. I knew beforehand that one of my pieces would be included in an editorial for Playing Fashion, a bilingual magazine from the Ukraine. What I didn't know was that it could actually land on the (November 2011) cover!

Razor necklace: "Tisiphone" from the Hardware collection
Jumper: Proenza Schouler
Cover model: Jana Knauerova, New York Model Management, Models 1

Photography: Jason Kim
Styling: Christopher Campbell, Atelier Management
Hair: Seiji, The Wall Group
Make-up: Munemi Imai, See Management
Manicure: Liang, Atelier Management


Who would have thought, right? I owe the feature to my blogger friend Quân Mai of Geneticboi. Thanks again!

More details on the cover and the rest of the shoot soon on Design Scene.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Light as a feather II


This must have been what I wore last Saturday, or was it just this Monday? Was it to Quiapo or Divisoria or Greenbelt, or all three? I can't recall anymore. I think it was the day I had dinner with Drei Soriano before talking about his new collection and the Bosquejo accessories that will be worn with his clothes. Then Maco Custodio brought his leather bow ties (for the Bench show) for me to attach chains to them. In any case, I have already finished 9 out of 10 necklaces for Drei and Maco still owes me a bow tie.


Sheer mesh tee, Oxygen
Jeans, Bench
Sandals, Birkenstock
Tote, thrifted
Scarf, thrifted
"Steel Bard" necklace, Bosquejo

I should really just be watching shows at Philippine Fashion Week, but my new work schedule (till 7pm) doesn't really allow me to see much. So I'm waiting for the weekend (I have work even on Sunday!) while restocking pieces at stores and creating new steel, brass, and semi-precious stone lines.

Bosquejo will be featured in the shows of Mike Lavarez (October 30, 230pm) and Drei Soriano (October 30, 730pm) at Philippine Fashion Week, and at the show of Don Protasio at Cambodia Fashion Week. Hope you can watch!


Finally, I am happy that this Steel Bard necklace (first seen here) is available again, after the stainless steel feathers went out of stock and I had to order them directly. I love the simplicity of the components mixed with the carved onyx rosette. (Sad to say that customs tax cost me more than the actual shipping so I had to tweak the price a bit...)

Swimming in work again, hence the long hair and beanie, hence the old band-aid... But unexpectedly, things don't feel heavy at all. All is in place. Credit that to my reading again (literature and not just magazines, and yes, time for that can be managed!), which somehow keeps things in perspective.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wharton by Rajo Laurel Holiday 2011


Rajo Laurel's "Chiaroscuro" collection for Wharton has been available at SM Department Stores since October 10. My favorites are the two-tone shirts. Rajo tells me all the pieces are in cotton, with some sections in woven knit and washed oxford.


I love the two-tone pieces, which can make outfits more interesting.


You can see Rajo's love for gross grain ribbon, used as strips for pockets, sleeve hems, and plackets.



Or to give the illusion of suspenders.


I love how it is used to make a shirt look like the top of a track suit.


Jackets are made sporty by the addition of sections.


When I get the time, I'll make sure to drop by to check out the very first shirt above.


While the pieces are mostly in neutrals, some have worked in muted blues and plums. So I want to see them in person.


Oh, and I also want to see the shirt on the right, with a white/gray section at the back.


Photography by Enzo Mondejar. Styling by Eric Poliquit

Friday, October 21, 2011

In full circle


Before anything, happy Friday everyone!


Cardigan, Topman
Shirt, Gap
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Belt, Nautica
"Io" necklace, Bosquejo

Boat shoes, thrifted

It was a sad day yesterday, as I pulled out all my remaining accesories from Anthology, Power Plant Mall, since they would be closing in a few days. (But don't worry, most of the Hardware items from Bosquejo are still on 30% off!) Anthology has been the go to of many stylists for more than a decade. I have just removed the store from my website's lists of stockists.


Yet yesterday also proved unexpectedly happy since I was able to see friends from an ad agency, and even sell some pieces, the one I was wearing above included!


So there has been a continuous feeling of rounding up as I sell the remaining pieces from my first Hardware collection; excitement as I continue to design new necklaces for Hardware 002.


Also next week is the last week I will be blogging for the Philippine page of United Blogs of Benetton, ending almost 6 months of writing about fashion, culture, youth, and technology in Filipino. This is the second year I have been writing for United Colors of Benetton. Who knows what next year will bring?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In a tight spot


Should have posted this last week, but I've been swamped with work and just barely out of the clutches of the flu. This is the closest I could get to meggings (read: male leggings).


Nylon blazer, Bench
Shirt, Emporio Armani, thrifted
Trousers, Drei Soriano
Belt, A.P.C.
Sneakers, Tretorn x Acne
Neckalce, Bosquejo prototype

Notice the same zipper on the crotch and on the hem of the leg.

I am so excited for Philippine Fashion Week, since I will be collaborating with Mike Lavarez and Drei Soriano for the accessories of their shows. I was with Mike last Tuesday evening for the shoot of his campaign and catalogue and have also already seen Drei's new pieces. I can't tell you how elated I am to actually have my pieces be seen with the clothes on the runway.


On top of that I have also just sent accessories to Siem Reap, Cambodia for the upcoming show of Don Protasio. Will also be consigning items at his Poetry shop. Thankfully, I am still able to breathe. Enough for me to continue designing new pieces for the House of Laurel's new collection to be launched in mid-November.


And also just enough for me to design new necklaces (hopefully also bracelets) for the second Hardware collection. (For those who follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen several prototypes already.)


Here is the zipper, up close. I am still feeling a bit dizzy as I write this.


Thankfully I still have my feet on the ground, though of course, mostly still wobbly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Electromagnetic Tentacle: fourth wave of pun-y tees


The fourth wave of t-shirts from Electromagnetic Tentacle is now available for pre-order.

Clockwise from top left: Bali-Saber (Jedi Edition), He-Pon, Spawn & Fork, Yoko Na, Galactusok-Tusok, This...Is...Spartan!

Guess which one I picked?

Monday, October 10, 2011

The hang of it


Well hello there, we haven't met in a while. It's been nice and quiet, and I've loved it.


Tee, Folded & Hung
Vest, Ziggy Savella
Trousers, Y-3
Sandals, Marlboro Classics
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Necklace, DIY
Bag, thrifted

This is the last of the four cartoon shirts I bought from Folded & Hung. (See all four here.)


I have all the things I need, me thinks. Time for a contemplative trip.


Will say hi every now and then, to show you some stuff, or where I've been.


Or who I've been with.


It is raining again. Instead of cuddling up in bed with a magazine, I leaf through yellowed pages that glow in my hands.

Thursday, October 6, 2011



Two very important announcements greeted me today: the first is the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and the second is the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer. The former died at 56, hanging on to the creative reigns of Apple up to the very last, only giving up when his body couldn't take it any longer. The latter, at 81 and still alive, received an award for his life's work. Though he suffered a stroke in 1990 that left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak, he continued to write and publish poetry. While Steve perfected media, Tomas provided content. Both have been described as visionaries. (Coincidentally, I also just watched The Last Emperor last night, a documentary on Valentino and the last days of the designer in his own fashion house.)

I wasn't expecting either last Friday, when I wore this wonderful hooded cape by Don Protasio. But as I do not wear Don Protasio regularly, I inhabitted a different way of thinking.


Hooded cape, Don Protasio
Vest, Don Protasio
Henley, cK Calvin Klein
Jeans, Gap
Belt, Brave Beltworks
"Benedict III" necklace, Bosquejo
Sandals, thrifted

It felt different, somehow liberating. I loved it but felt that I was going ahead of myself. What should have started inside, I replaced with something external.


Sure I love wearing nice stuff, I love working with my hands and producing beautiful things, but have also found myself using the word "love" for things that I merely enjoy. Yes, fashion can occupy me fully, but not consume me. On the extreme, sometimes I feel like a heretic, and would want to do nothing but spit at it.


There is only one thing that consumes me, and you can barely find it in these pages. This blog has sounded like a very long elegy. It has been dying but I just couldn't let it go. That happens when things become too easy. But now things are converging again, layers are joining back together into one tight cocoon.


You know where the metaphor leads to. Let's give it till the end of the year, my last days as a 29 year old. Then after that let it rustle like leaves, like discarded husks. Who knows what will grow from the soil once I've gone?


I need to "stay hungry", to "stay foolish". See you when I see you, in whichever form.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Joker is on to you


I don't think I am feeling well. Still recovering from what seemed like an endless weekend of work and coffee and rain and inventories. Maybe that was why I was uncharacteristically quiet on the web.


Jacket, 5cm
T-shirt, Folded & Hung
Jeans, Jil Sander
Belt, A.P.C.
Trainers, Helmut Lang
Brief, Bally
"Veronique" necklace, Bosquejo (made of agate, onyx, and bike chains)

The character on this tee reminds me of the post I did on the last (and best, thus far) Batman movie shown years ago: Batman, The Dark Knight. (Not sure who had better teeth.)


I know it's been a while since I've talked about any real ideas, but hey, inspiration manifests itself in different places.


This is "Buttons", the crazy bunny. Could he be an inebriated White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who has lost track of time and deadlines? (Or maybe it's just me, dizzy from lack of sleep.)


What I do not like about the local creative industries (fashion and design) and the arts is the lack of any solid criticism, which should be the backbone of both types of pursuits (even if the former is more commercial than the latter). Commentary and discourse mostly feel like an ignorant mob (sheep?) of monosyllabic, cliquish sycophants.


The mind doesn't do much legwork (read: is lazy).

Any form of dissenting opinion is frowned upon as useless negativity and people are rarely willing to take up the role of devil's advocate. Disappointing and frustrating for those who even care to care.


Still, the sun is up and the birds are singing. It is a new week.

Not everyone who laughs endlessly is crazy; some are dead serious.

Happy Monday!