Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 free passes for Bloggers United 2


Bloggers United 2 is the second installment for the successful interactive shopping afair to be held at Treston International College this Saturday, December 3, from 11am - 10pm.

This will be the first time I will be taking part in the bazaar, where I will be selling marked down items from Bosquejo's first Hardware collection, as well as new items from the other sets: Sacre (religious brass medallions), Djinn (black stones, chains, and feathers), and Nunca (white stones, mother of pearl, quartz).

The entrance fee is P100 but if you want FREE PASSES just leave a comment, ensuring you also leave your name. The fee will be waived for the first 20 to do so.

See you there!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bosquejo goes on sale at Today x Future, Cubao Expo tonight


Bosquejo will be joining The New Independents pop-up shop at Today x Future in Cubao Expo TONIGHT. On sale will be pieces mostly from the Hardware collection.


The various Hardware series will be on sale, starting with the Moons series.

The Furies 01

Of course, who can forget the Furies razors series?

The Furies 03


Don't worry, lighter Furies pieces will also be on sale.



Dragons necklaces will likewise be on sale.


Steel Bard 01

Bosquejo favorites will be joining the Hardware necklaces on the racks, including this Steel Bard necklace made of stainless steel and onyx.

Steel Bard 02

Hope to see you tonight!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

UNHATE smooching campaign: hate is real, and so is humor


The Unhate Foundation, supported by United Colors of Benetton, was "created to oppose and undermine hate culture". It will "engage in the development of campaigns aimed at exorcising the 'fear of the other'".


I don't understand the violent reactions against the images. It's not as if these world leaders (can you recognize all of them?) were venerated saints. While many people use the term "hater" to loosely refer to anyone in any form of opposition against them, real hate exists between the people that these world leaders represent, though of course in varying degrees of intensity.


Do these images trivialize the deeply-rooted tensions between states and religions? I honestly think that they lay these differences naked: laughable and ultimately shallow. Children playing war games.


Visit the Unhate website to discover more about the campaign, the foundation, related guerilla actions, and the so-called Kiss Wall.



Friday, November 11, 2011

Bosquejo presents: the Sacre collection, first look


These photos are the product of a test shoot done right after Philippine Fashion Week. This is my first time to work with the talented duo composed of photographer Enzo Mondejar and stylist Eric Poliquit. Models Jhony and Pedro walked the runway for the retail and menswear shows.

Necklace on Pedro: Agrippa


Even though I was able to fully develop the Hardware collection first, my very first prototypes (necklaces I actually wore) were based on the future Sacre collection. Here is a look back at the first outfit, way back in May 2009, where I wore my very first prototype. I still can't imagine that it has been more than two years since then.

Necklace on Pedro: Benedict III


Now pieces from Sacre are already being sold at ac+632 (Greenbelt 5) and by tomorrow, Saturday, also at House of Laurel (6013 Villena corner Mañalac Street, Poblacion, Makati).

Necklace on a headless pet Chun Li: Benedict III


Time certainly flies fast.

Necklace on Jhony: Benedict IV


And we are just warming up. I plan on creating even more Sacre necklaces before the collection's full launch next year.

Necklace on Pedro: Benedictine


The shoot will also be by Enzo and Eric, and I just can't wait.


For those of you wondering, the saint on the pendants is Saint Benedict, hence the names of the necklaces. Beads are made of coated nickel and plastic.

Necklace on Jhony: Benedict IV


This variation incorporates repurposed bullets.

Necklace on Pedro: Bullets and Roses


Other pendants from the collection depict Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter, Raphael (not sure if the saint or the angel), the Santo Niño, and the crucified Christ.

Necklaces on Jhony: Benedict III and Bullets and Roses


Of course, how can I miss the more pagan representations of the Third Eye, the Horseshoe of Luck (my name, since I can't recall exactly what it's called), etc: the inevitable other side of Sacre.

Necklace on Jhony: Christopher II (not yet on the website)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From blurry, fade to white


These were the last photos taken using my camera before it was brought to the shop. Will get it back, with brand new lens, by the end of the month.


Hoodie (first worn here), Human x Joey Samson
Jeans, Bench
Belt, A.P.C.
Knit cardigan, thrifted
Sneakers, Helmut Lang
Necklace, Bosquejo prototype

Today I can finally breathe, even if just a little. After delivering a first batch of necklaces at House of Laurel (please drop by this Friday for the Russe collection launch!) and before continuing with the second Hardware and first Sacre collections for Bosquejo, not to mention getting busy with research for a new TV show (hope it gets the final Go signal), I can afford to blink.


Just when I thought that I could drop everything (except my day job of course, which is now offering a broader horizon) and just concentrate on writing poetry starting on my 30th year, suddenly I find myself reconsidering. The contract for this year's blogging for Benetton has just expired (hence, no more posts), but I feel compelled not to turn down an offer to renew it for next year. I know it seems suicidal to continue with it while agreeing to write for a weekly TV show, but I just don't want to regret wasting opportunities.


The opportunity cost of course (an inevitable investment term) is that the longer I delay giving my all to poetry (for the muse is very jealous), the more any literary future grows dimmer. Some people are surprised when I tell them I do not love fashion, or even designing and creating accessories by hand. They are engaging and totally absorbing, but only in poetry (at the risk of sounding cheesy) do I lose myself, where nothing is definite, and where the struggle produces something unexpected. Only in the act, ironically, do I fully get to know myself.


I know I am whining again. The last hour spent editing photos and writing this could have been spent writing a new stanza, but I suppose this is what blogging is for. Since I do not write prose, this serves as my journal (hijacked from a menswear/style blog, haha).


I have little time left.* I am fully aware that I cannot keep all doors open, though right now I am somewhat convinced I can enter all of them. Even so, my ultimate fear remains: to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Also, I am tired of being a coward.

*My literary biological clock is ticking, and I have to publish my first book soon. In other words, it's now or never.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Drei Soriano's desert circus


The last day of Philippine Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2012 shows marked two significant things for me. The first was the debut of my Bosquejo accessories on the runway (for the shows of Mike Lavarez and Drei Soriano). The second was the death throes of my Canon G10, which was purchased three years ago, right about the time that I decided to commit myself to blogging. Good thing I was able to take some pictures from menswear night.


Here are photos I took from my seat of Drei Soriano's predominantly neutral-colored collection, which strikes a sharp contrast against his sleek and leather-clad set for Holiday 2011.


Instead of shiny, we get texture. Instead of blacks and blues and purples, we get beiges, grays, and oranges. But that doesn't mean that the pieces are baggy and relaxed. Pants are slightly tapered while shorts have been carrot-cut. Boleros, either single-sleeved or sleeveless, provide season-appropriate layering (over sleeveless shirts, of course!).


The necklace on the left is "Benedict V" (to be released) from the Sacre collection, and on the right is "Kali", from the new Demons series of the Hardware collection. What is worn by the model above right is a variation.


Here you can see the mildly pleated texture of the bolero. I particularly like the pleating of the collar of the jacket at the back, which reminds one of paper. The jacket is partially stained to give the impression of a digital print, though the staining could have been more defined.


As usual for Drei, the cut of the jacket is sharp; same for the shorts. The trousers on the right is likewise textured. We will see below how the deep V-neck collar of the accompanying shirt is pleated.


The necklace on the left is called "Amon", also named after a demon. The Sacre necklace on the right is "Benedict III".

As a side story, it is quite interesting how my new accessories unexpectedly fit Drei's new collection. It must be remembered that razor pieces from my Furies and Moons series were likewise apt for his Holiday 2011 collection, giving birth to his first lookbook.


So Drei's pieces come in neutrals, hence the "desert" in my title, but what about "circus"? This next piece shows why. As is, it gives the vibe of a costume, something not unlikely to be found in the wardrobe of travelling acrobats, be it drained of color. The main reason behind this is the sheer and feminine fabric used for the pleating (Drei tells me it is used for gowns). But don't get me wrong, I am perfectly fine with the piece; I would wear it, though maybe in a drier climate. I think that if both the fabrics were traded for something more rigid, the top would be more wearable. After all, the necessary elements are there: the texture and the interesting collar and zippered (a recurring Soriano motif) placket.

Also notice that the jacket at the back is also pleated at the back.


Looking at the outfit on the left, I am reconsidering changing the pleated fabric; with the zipper and shirt material, and the shirt's pairing with the trousers, the fabric combination actually appears interesting. Though shirt sleeves though could use a better fit. The tights on the right are understandably for show purposes, though they support my circus theme, AND I am now thinking the pattern should be tried out for normal pants/jeans.


The "Calypso" and "Io" necklaces from the Moons series, as worn by the models above.


Notice the (give and take) one-inch cuff of the shorts on the left.


"Benedict III" necklace from the Sacre collection.


Notice that the pleating of the gray shirt on the right extends to the back. The front pattern is repeated.


I also love the bleach patterns on the vest and shirt on the left, the double collar of the vest (sleeveless jacket) and the pleated waist and hem of the trousers. This entire ensemble I would buy and wear. The dress pleating on the gray shirt above is also utilized for the beige and orange sleevless shirt and shorts on the right. While I love the lines on the shirt, they do not seem to work on the shorts (maybe a different pattern? no orange fabric on the hem?).


The necklace on the left model above is a variation on the "Sebastian" necklace from the Sacre collection. The piece on the right model above is a variation on "Bullets and Roses".


I'm sure by now you've noticed the strappy sandals. They're actually last-minute, fabric clad Haviannas. Amazing, what cramming can result with.


The bleaching applied to a sleeveless jumpsuit with shorts. A suit with stained fabric. I think the staining should be more obvious so that it can be seen from afar.


The necklace on the left model above is a variation on "Amon". On the right model above is "Iocaste" from the Moons series.


All in all, I think Drei's collection is the most cohesive among the menswear shows. (Yes Chris Jasler may have made a more obvious impact, but many of his pieces just seem confused. More on him soon.)

Happy Saturday!