Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue and black leather


Again, I'm in the middle of things. This is what I wore last Saturday, right before I went to Art in the Park at Salcedo Village. But now I'm in Hong Kong, and will be here for a week for work.

What's written on the Super Dry shirt is Osaka 6, like on the tees of baseball fans.


And here is the cute tote I got for free at the Univers boutique. Still not over my sniffles. Hard to get rid of it since it's just 10 degrees here in Hong Kong. Not complaining though, since I am able to shop and layer (is there a more beautiful combination?).

And I think it's true: shopping does take your mind from whatever ailment you are currently suffering.

Faux leather jacket, Drei Soriano
Tee, Super Dry Japan
Jeans, Bench
Belt, Nautica
Sneakers, Jil Sander
Tote, Univers
Spiked bracelet, from ac+632


I know the t-shirt and sneakers are a bit matchy-matchy. Good thing the jacket also has black. Just imagine, I almost let go of this piece to begin my spring cleaning. Must admit I am still very much smitten.


Broke in these Jil Sander sneakers. Was fairly muddied at Salcedo Park. I think the skies in my dreams are in this color.


Hmmm. I think the way these jeans were washed makes me look shorter.


Don't think I can pay Univers a visit soon. (With my wallet far too abused.)


Here are two shots taken in our backyard, where the light is filtered by leaves.


Think you can already grow some vegetables on the ground.

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