Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boots and denim


Last day in Hong Kong. Apologies for the out-of-focus pictures. Dropped by my aunt's place before I left.

Denim jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw
Tee, Rogan
Jeans, A.P.C.
Belt, Nautica
Boots, Timberland, thrifted
Scarf, thrifted


Also making a cameo are my aunt's (freshly groomed) Shih Tzus, Chianti and Daiquiri. Yes, named after drinks. They weren't looking out for other dogs, but waiting for passersby to pet them.


Also wanted to show you more details of my denim jacket, which can be adjusted both on the hem and at the back (the vents can be unbuttoned for more space).

It felt strange wearing denim instead of wool or down, like most other residents. It was winter still after all. Though I did find company, when I saw one other guy who also used denim for layering.


I found it ingenious that Rick Owens attached a strip of fabric inside the jacket, to be used to hang it on your shoulder, much like a bag, when not worn.


The label. I browsed through his coffee table book, which is big enough to be used as an actual coffee table top. Also read more about his wife and collaborator, Michèle Lamy, in the latest issue of Industrie. I love how they work with ideas and references to build an aesthetic unique enough not to require any advertising.


My old Timberland boots. Used them instead of the new Bikkembergs since they are heavier and I was afraid of excess baggage. (First flight in years that I didn't pay any excess fees!) Do you think I should clean and wax them or is this look better?


I miss Hong Kong already. Next time I visit, I'll make sure to drop by lesser-known stores and other local haunts. Till then!

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Dressed by the fucking internet if I ever saw it.