Friday, February 24, 2012

Denim on denim on denim


This was what I was wearing yesterday to work and to games of darts with colleagues last night. Though by then I already removed the jacket since it got warmer. (This was taken just beside The Center, where I report for work.)


Last day of work today! Then I have two days to play before I go home Sunday night.


Jacket, Rick Owens Drkshdw
Henley, Zara
Shirt, Topman
Jeans, A.P.C. New Standard
Belt, Nautica
Boots, Dirk Bikkembers
Tote, thrifted

Cameo photos by Francis Acosta


Funny, one of my colleagues tapped me on the shoulder right after I took this shot. Didn't think to explain what a menswear style blog was.


These boots are so comfortable to walk/run in. Two days of use and they already have a few scratches. War marks!


It would probably have been better if I didn't wear the striped henley above, and not even the denim jacket. Maybe just this and something else. Must try triple denim again, but more subtly.


I am loving these jeans. Right now I am still not convinced that one needs just one pair. Am still seriously thinking about getting the slimmer version (Petite Standard).


Now this came from the pair's back pocket. Do any of you A.P.C. fans use any of the washing methods? I've long been hearing about how you're not supposed to wash these jeans for six months or even as long as a year so that the unwashed denim stretches out and adjusts to your own body, besides of course, bearing one's personal dirt and stain marks.


Frankly, the thought is disturbing to Filipinos like me who have made it a habit to take a shower twice a day. I can just imagine how sticky the jeans will be in a tropical country. But let's see.

In bubble wrap is an all-natural concoction I also bought at A.P.C.: a mix of lemon and other oils and ingredients (no detergent) recommended for use for washing their jeans, and even recommended for wool. (Will show you when I get back and have unpacked.)


For now, back to fun!


inkarlcerating said...

OMG love the photos!

Jp Singson said...

i got my first apc new cures sz 27 back in 2007. didn't wash it for almost one and a half years. u should try the new cure.s the fit is slimmer than the new standards. super addicting ang raw denims. my favorite ones are my diors mij and april77s. in my opinion japanese selvage denim is still the best!