Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hong Kong nights


Seems strange to be here again for work. Five years ago, I was editing articles and writing reviews for a magazine based somewhere along Wyndham Road. Now I am a few streets parallel and one across, this time for a financial paper.

Jacket, Muji
Sweater, Zasum from Mundo
Sheer shirt, thrifted
Jeans, Topman
Belt, Brave Beltworks
Scarf from Mindanao
Briefcase, Bally
Sneakers, Jil Sander


Still, I enjoy the crowded streets, the rush of people, the buzzing sound of commerce and industry. And of course, the shopping.


Since Sunday I have been doing the rounds, passing by and trying out clothes and shoes from my favorite haunts. Most are still there. Many still excite me. And again, I am sent into thinking that maybe it would be nice to live and work here on a more permanent basis.


What would occupy my Hong Kong days and nights, besides work and shopping? On Sunday and Monday, I was able to chat with two Filipinos who were total strangers. (Familiarity is thick enough to be smelled, like the steam that rises from burger grills and laundry presses.) I instantly felt their warmth and kindess (one gave me a packaged dessert, the other, extra fries). But still, I felt far away.


Like all my things have been packed into one bag, ready to be brought to the next destination.


Though now I think, this may just be the thing that I need: to walk away for a bit. Travel and live somewhere else, at different places, and with different people.


Still rushing through busy streets or wandering through narrow roads. Learning more about myself through what I am not.

Cameos by Francis Acosta

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