Saturday, February 18, 2012

My latest fix: Eighty Twenty wallet + Bauhaus keychain


It was high time that I used my old card case to hold just business cards and not cash. So I got this Eighty Twenty wallet with a detachable coin purse that also held credit cards (at the back). It has enough rows for all my ATM, credit, discount, and membership plastic. I know the coin purse makes the bulk almost too much, but I find it easier to pay from just one source. (I also thought that the braided leather could easily be used to snatch it from my pocket, but the bulk prevented that.) Of course, there is the convenience of only using the detached pouch.

Bought the wallet at the Bauhaus branch in Abreeza, Davao. They gave me the leather keychain for free. I remember Bauhaus, which also carries Tough Jeansmith (my wallet before the card case, until I lost it), was one of the stores I always returned to whenever I went to Hong Kong (see you again tomorrow!).

Don't ask about the keys: I don't remember the locks for half of them.

Briefcase: Bally

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