Thursday, March 8, 2012

In a blue frame of mind


This is what I wore today, which may not have been a good idea because we had a fire drill at the office and we all had to go down 41 flights of stairs. Good thing the boots are soft and comfortable, though my legs were a bit sore an hour after.

Jacket and belt: both Izzue
Polo shirt, Muji
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Bag, Fred Perry
Tote, Ritual


I'm already excited for this weekend, since I will be going to stores to pick out stuff (yes, "stuff") for a men's editorial. Last time I styled anything for a publication was in 2008. Also have a meeting to (finally) talk about the treatment of a pilot TV episode. Yet with all the work that needs to be done, there is still one more go signal I am waiting for — one that has caused me the most anxiety. Of course, I can't say anything. Whenever I would on this blog, it would surely fail to push through.


What a strain on my EQ! But it any case, I can always look for something else, something even better, which I think what 2012 has come to represent. Last year was a blast, but this year (end of the quarter soon!) is already looking to top everything previous.


So why am I blue? Look at the shadows of the branches on the concrete. Nobody directed the forks in the wood, the twists and turns that now all bear leaves. That sway in the wind.


halfwhiteboy said...

cute outfit, miguel!

inkarlcerating said...

when will i see u again migssss....