Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The long and short of it


These were my Sunday shorts last weekend. Since I had to report to work for a few hours, I also wore a pullover, though not on top of my t-shirt but under.


Pinstripe shorts, Topman
T-shirt, Penshoppe
Checkered silk pullover, thrifted
Leather duffel bag, thrifted
Embroidered leather sneakers, Gucci, thrifted
Owl claw pendant, American Boulevard


Now the jumper is obviously in a larger size than the tee. That's why it flares a bit. A few more inches and it's good as a skirt. I love how it fools the eye. Of course, I like that it's shiny. And blue. And checkered.


Since I really don't do poses on this blog, I let my bag do it.


Got the leather duffel a long long time ago. Have to remind myself to use it more often. The bag and the sneakers make the look a little sporty.


After all, the bottom zipper is for shoes. Love this shade of wood (mahogany?). Though it is starting to crack again and needs to be reconditioned.


The top reminds me of brain coral. Makes me think of drawstring leather pants, or shorts.


Sadly, the American Boulevard store where I bought this pendant (Taft near DLSU) has long been closed. I love how small and sinister it looks. Almost like bared teeth.


This is antoher item I have had to fish out from my closet: Gucci sneakers designed when Tom Ford was still creative director. Even the thrift store I found these in has also ceased to exist.


As you can see, the leather laces have frayed and split in half. As it is next to impossible to find good leather here, I may need to ask bag/shoe designer friends for custom laces.


Good thing the embroidery is still intact. Do you remember the brightly colored silk jackets that were part of the same collection?


Not rust; dirt I think. That hairy design on the toes must be pineapples. The shoes are too nice to be called high-tops.


inkarlcerating said...

love the layers miguel. galing

halfwhiteboy said...

love the bag and the shoes, bro!


Johnny Manila said...

galing naman ng thrift store find mo. Those shoes are great I would have loved to own a similar pair. It should be easy to get custom leather laces for those babies.

-Johnny Manila

Style Anywhere said...

i like the duffel bag! The look is also nice.I noticed that most of your recent looks are becoming less playful. I like! :)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Karl, Armel, Onin, and Johnny Manila :)